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Are You Missing an AI Revolution?
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Daniel Bain, CFO, Uttam Galva North America Inc.

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is seeing a lot of fervent enthusiasm. Claims are being made that entire industries will change, self-driving vehicles and robots will take over, and millions of jobs will be displaced. Since 2010,...

Looking for an Outsourced CFO?: Here's Three Characters You Should Know
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David Worrell, Partner & CFO, Fuse Financial Partners

Running a company without a CFO is tough—but hiring one can be even tougher. No other role will be so crucial to your success, so getting the right chemistry, skill set, experience and personality is vital. It’s no wonder that more...

Navigating an Ever-Expanding Universe of Available IT Applications
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Alex Gredysa, CFO & Managing Partner, Dinsmore/Steele

The advent of the personal computer in 1981 fundamentally changed the way we live and work today. No more so than within the corporate financial world where the pace of information technology innovation has been nothing short of astonishing....

Axxiome: Transforming Banks into Customer-Centric, Future-Ready, Digital Enterprises
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Dominik Weisserth, Partner, North American Region

Delivering solutions to the financial services industry, driving business and technology change through proven global expertise

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