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Five Trends That Will Disrupt the Digital Marketing Space in 2019
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The banking sector and credit unions have long been subject to disruptive technologies and are advancing at a rapid pace. The introduction of IT in the finance sector has helped in enhancing customer relationships, simplifying operations and...

Turn your AP department upside down
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Tory Passons, Vice President, U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems

Sometimes in life and business, we keep doing the same thing over and over again without really asking why or looking for a better way. Many companies I’ve talked to feel their AP departments live very much in this space. They know...

How The Insurance Industry is protected by Analytics?
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The Insurance industry is the least bothersome industry where customers stay with the product for a fixed amount of time ranging from maximum 3-10 years. There are still millions of uninsured people which leave the insurers baffled. Analytics...

Economizing Travel Expenses
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Dionne Denson, CFO, Georgia Department of Public Health

As finance professionals, the traditional approach to travel expense management has been to ensure compliance and control costs. In today’s global economy, the financial professional’s role has evolved to more of a strategic...

Travel Expense Management in the Hotel Industry
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Dennis DuBois, Senior Director of Finance, Radisson Hotel Group

In many companies, travel expenses are a necessary expenditure to gain additional business. Unfortunately, it can easily be abused by staff and is something that many accounting/finance departments struggle with managing. In the hotel industry...

Moving Forward With Virtualized Desktop Is Something New
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Richard Ferrara, CTO & EVP, Woodforest National Bank

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations Modernizing specific banking applications within the back office. It doesn’t really give you the “wow factor” in the branch world or at the customer...

The Three Hallmarks of a World-Class Finance Organization
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Nilly Essaides, Senior Research Director, The Hackett Group (NASDAQ: HCKT)

Companies today are facing a period of unprecedented volatility. Globalization is reshaping the competitive landscape. Changing regulations across multiple jurisdictions require constant monitoring. Meanwhile, digital transformation is giving rise...

Technology for Next-Gen Banking
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Zahid Afzal, CIO & COO, Capital Bank (NASDAQ: CBF)

The past decade has witnessed a gradual shift from traditional branch office transactions to digital and mobile banking. The idea of digital banking spans various demographics and age groups and is perceived as beyond mobility generally...

Migration to Cloud is The Future of IT Companies
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Jeanette Wade, CFO, The Executive Office of Technology Services and Security

Technology illustrates rapid pace advancement with corresponding costs and security vulnerabilities. Therefore, detecting and preventing financial fraud has become increasingly challenging with growing threats to cybersecurity. Business...

Online Banking and the Customer of the Future
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Pratibha Salwan, SVP Digital, NIIT Technologies

With the advent of smartphones and mobile devices occurring over the last few years, the world around us continues to transform from “brick and mortar” to “online”.  The web in 2018 will account for 11 percent of total...

Consider Business Strategy First, Finance Second
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Alan Haughie, SVP-Finance & CFO, ServiceMaster Company

Vision and Path to the Future CFOs cannot take a passive role in defining company strategy. We’re uniquely positioned to have a panoramic view of the company and its performance–what works, what doesn’t–and help shape...

Fintech Enablement- How Emerging Technology Trends are Impacting the Banking CIO
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Bill Genovese, Principal, WGroup

Blockchain, fintech, big data and IoT are just some of the buzzwords of new technology the Banking CIO has to sift through. How is this impacting the CIO and how can they take advantage of the new technol­ogy? Or, is this just a hype, which is...

New Outlook for Legal Industry FP&A: Embracing Change to Modernize the Business of Law
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Jon Kanter, CFO, Goodwin

I joined Goodwin, a top 50 global law firm, five years ago as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, having spent 20 years at international management consultancy and accountancy firms. At the time, many considered legal at least five to...

Becoming the Right IT Leader for Business Partners
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Louis Martinez, SVP-Digital Consumer Data Services, Citi

The downward slope of the year in which we, as technology leaders and decision makers, push to ensure our technology budget is on track to meet the goals we established late last year while providing the business benefit we promised to the...

Technology Renovation: How Agile Development helps LPL Financial make Tangible Technology Improvements
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Chris Paul, SVP, Advisor Experience & Design, LPL Financial

There is one universal truth about technology in the financial services industry: it is always changing. At LPL, we know that the way we approach handling these changes is critical for the success of the financial advisors and institutions we...

Synchrony Financial to Serve Business Partners with 'Synchrony Connect' Sharing Portal
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STAMFORD, CT: Synchrony Financial, a provider of consumer financial services comes up with Synchrony Connect, a digital portal that makes the rollout of the exclusive program for businesses. It extends business partners with a wide range of...

Understanding Business Changes Through Operational Metrics
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Kathy Willard, CFO, Live Nation Entertainment

Forecasting is not just about Financial Results We believe that regular forecasting is the key to monitoring and addressing shifts in the business, regardless of the driver of the change. We use one technology platform across the business...

Collaborating Across the Enterprise to Drive Business Growth
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Michael C. Crews, EVP & CFO, Peabody Energy

Technology Taking a Key Position Technology is central to modern coal mining and vital to all aspects of planning, operations, development and ultimately value creation. A few examples: In recent years, new mining technologies have playeda...

The Collaboration of IT and Finance
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Paul Benedetto, CFO & Co-founder, iTrellis

What have historically been considered “back office” functions, the  last few years have  marked  an  accelerated transition  to  front  and center status for Finance and Information Technology...

Advicent Unveils the Figlo; Redefines the Client Experience
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MILWAUKEE, WI:  Advicent Solutions, the SaaS technology solution provider for financial services industry recently released in the U.S.  the interactive financial planning tool Figlo within its entire product offering. Figlo intends to...

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