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Role of the CFO Amidst Evolving Technology
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Success in today’s technological economy is determined by the height of creativity C-suite executives deliver to the field where ever it is essential. The CFO’s role is to use various new technologies to help steer the company to...

Shred the Spreadsheet: Harnessing Tech to Tame Travel and Expenses
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Jeannie Griffin, VP of Product & Technology Services, BCD Meetings & Events

Sales road warriors lament lag time for travel expense reimbursement. Conference panelists bristle while navigating third-party payment systems. Managers spend frustrated hours returning incomplete or incorrect expense reports to employees....

CFOs Will Lead the Next Productivity Boom
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Anne Ozzimo, Senior Director, ERP & EPM Cloud Executive Product Marketing, Oracle

  In early 2018, Dr. Michael Mandel, senior fellow at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the Wharton School, published new research arguing that increased access to emerging technologies delivered in the cloud via the cloud...

5 FinTech Predictions for 2018
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Safwan Zaheer, Director-Financial Services Digital & Head of FinTech, KPMG US

Bitcoin Value will Trend Upwards Bitcoin value will continue to rise in 2018. The reason may simply lie behind its demand and supply: As long as, Bitcoin DEMAND > Bitcoin Supply,price of Bitcoin will continue to rise! The...

Two Disruptive Technologies That Will Change the Face of Financial Services
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Sameer Kishore, VP & Global Head, Banking, Financial Services, Securities & Insurance, Dell Services

Much has been written about the global forces gathering to create a ‘perfect storm’ in the world of banking, causing unprecedented pressure on the financial system. There’s economic volatility, seemingly never-ending regulatory...

Guardian Analytics
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Laurent Pacalin, President and CEO

Provides behavioral analytics and machine learning solutions for fraud detection and anti-money laundering software for financial institutions and enterprise organizations

Accounting Seed: Nimble and Comprehensive Accounting
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Tony Zorc, Founder and CEO

Accounting Seed provides accounting and financial solutions on the Salesforce platform and gives organizations a unified view of their business data

Tangoe: Transparent Telecom Expense Management
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Bob Irwin, CEO

Offers TEM solutions to help companies create business value, increase efficiency, and deliver a positive impact on the bottom line

Sciomagis: Optimizing Accounts Payable Processes
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Davorin Dumancic, Director

Offers cost-efficient and optimized document management solutions to streamline accounts payable and receivable processes

Resilicore: Deliverables for Operationalizing Business Strategies
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Vic Datta, CEO

Assists clients in analyzing functional and departmental processes such as finance and accounting to construct bespoke solutions for improved business performance

NetSol Technologies [NASDAQ:NTWK]: Solutions that Simplify Financial Operations
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Najeeb Ghauri, CEO & Founder

Offers solutions for finance and leasing companies to streamline business operations

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