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The Origin, Recent Development, and Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Their Major Applications in Financial Industry
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Bin Duan, SVP, US Head of Model Risk Execution, TD

A Brief History of AI and ML The term "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) was first used by John McCarthy, a Dartmouth mathematics professor, in 1956. He created the term to apply for a grant to fund the Dartmouth conference, which is...

Ways to Overcome Challenges In the Financial Service Industry
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The financial services industry is in charge of managing money for individuals and corporations. The services they offer encompasses a broad range of business that manages money including credit unions, banks, insurance, consumer finances,...

Market Transactions in a Shared Repository
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New technology is disrupting long-standing operating models in many sectors, transforming entire industries in some cases and increasing efficiency and cost savings that were impossible to achieve only a few years ago. Technology is also compelled...

Six Ways CFOs Can Bulletproof Their Companies from an Economic Bust
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Justin Schweisberger, Chief Product Officer, Pramata

Almost half of U.S. CFOs believe a recession will strike the U.S. economy by the end of 2019 and more than 80 percent of them think a recession will strike by the end of 2020, according to the Duke University/CFO Global Business Outlook...

How AI Will Change the Future of Trading
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The complexity of the operations in the financial sector made it the first to adopt Artificial Intelligence in the early years of its emergence. The significantly larger data sets and the need for improved customer experience, and operational...

Mitigating Unsolved Marketing Challenges with Blockchain
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Blockchain technology is responsible for the design of a solution ecosystem for many industries. This technology has repeatedly proven its mettle by providing bitcoin security. Enterprises in many industries are looking for ways to adhere to...

AI to Modernize the Financial Industry
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The adoption of Artificial Intelligence  by the financial industry has made the organizations to increase their efficiency, transparency, and improved consumer experiences. AI and ML offer services in the financial industry through...

Building from the Ground Up: Establishing Unclaimed Property Compliance Program
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Joe Lichty, Director of Marketing, Keane Unclaimed Property

Building an unclaimed property compliance program tends to be a responsibility that is often passed from department to department. This transition of responsibilities is usually accompanied by an urgent plea along the lines of, “I’ve...

Entering New Travel Expense Management Space
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Abraham Saxionis, Head of Expense & Efficiency Management, Keolis Commuter Services

1. What are the current market trends you see shaping the travel expense management Space? As the global economy continues to grow, the surge in new business opportunities as well as a tightening supply of personnel and key skills is...

Upgrading Your Digital Business
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James Eichmann, Chief Data Officer, Billtrust

When you build a new house from the ground up, you use new, energy efficient, cost-saving materials. However, if you are updating an older home, you have two choices. Either you can make some cosmetic improvements, such as new siding, paint, and...

5 Ways to Build Wealth Management Relationships in a Digital Era
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Bill Martin, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, INTRUST Bank

Technology is enabling financial advisors to develop better relationships with their clients. In the past, advisors had to split their time doing manual tasks and servicing clients. Today, technology allows advisors to devote more time with...

New Outlook for Legal Industry FP&A: Embracing Change to Modernize the Business of Law
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Jon Kanter, CFO, Goodwin

I joined Goodwin, a top 50 global law firm, five years ago as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, having spent 20 years at international management consultancy and accountancy firms. At the time, many considered legal at least five to...

A Transparent Market Place for the Exchange of Trade Finance
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Aarti Rao, Managing Director, LiquidX

LiquidX Inc. is the largest electronic marketplace for the exchange of Trade Finance and Working Capital assets. Through its leading auction-based protocol and technology it provides a transparent market place for the exchange of Trade Finance and...

End-User Computing and Technical Debt in Taxation
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JD Choi, CEO, Tax Technologies, Inc.

Spreadsheets are the most common end-user computing (“EUC”) tool in taxation. Since the introduction of VisiCalc in 1979, electronic spreadsheets experienced several market evolutions culminating in Microsoft Excel becoming most...

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Scott McGillivray, EVP & CIO, Pacific Continental Bank

I am going to ask you to play a game with me. More of a thought experiment, actually. I cannot promise it will be fun, and I am not sure every reader is going to get the same result, but that is what makes this game so interesting. Ready?...

The Evolving Role of a CFO
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Matt Armanino, Partner, COO & CFO Advisory Services Practice Lead, Armanino LLP

There’s no denying it. There’s never been a better time to be a CFO. The shrinking chorus dismissing CFOs as “bean counters” is down to comedians looking for laughs and luddites who aren’t seeing what’s...

Looking for an Outsourced CFO?: Here's Three Characters You Should Know
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David Worrell, Partner & CFO, Fuse Financial Partners

Running a company without a CFO is tough—but hiring one can be even tougher. No other role will be so crucial to your success, so getting the right chemistry, skill set, experience and personality is vital. It’s no wonder that more...

Maximizing Return on Development to Meet Commitments
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Eduardo E. Cordeiro, EVP & CFO, Cabot Corporation

Adopting a Standard Approach to Improve Quality, Speed & Profitability Innovation is inherently an entrepreneurial endeavor; however, it needs some structure around  the process. At Cabot we have a formal stage-gate idea-to-launch...

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