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What Uniting Strategic Relationship with the CIO Means
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The joint responsibility of finance chiefs and IT representatives should be to associate infrastructural advantages with business strategy. FREMONT, CA:  With innovation performing a critical role in developing a competitive edge and...

Unleashing the Potential of Fintech
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Todd Nelson, SVP Strategic Partnerships Mike Petanovitch, Head of Technology, LightStream

What are the current market trends you see shaping the fintech space? We at LightStream continue to see opportunities for partnerships between fintech companies and banks—all with an eye on providing better products for the consumer....

Leading the Technological Wave
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Denise Dettingmeijer, CFO, Randstad North America [AMS:RAND]

Current Role of a CFO I have always had IT report to me as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). It was an eye-opening transition for me as CFO of Randstad, when figuring out how to place the business, company and external functions around an IT...

Robotic Assistance Device ROSA to Enhance Security
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Security is a key issue for any business for its services, both offline and online. RAD offers such AI-enabled security solutions to organizations in the U.S. that safeguard operations for business strategies. FREMONT, CA: RAD (Robotic...

Reimagining Branch Transformation in the Digital Era
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Despite the decline in branch-based transactions, the branch recapitulates its strategies and growth objectives to stay ahead. FREMONT, CA: Consumer banking preferences are changing continually, and it is essential for financial...

Overcoming Top Business Marketing Challenges
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To take a start-up to its glory is still a daunting territory, and the organization's first marketing campaign will be far from perfect. But following a certain strategy will establish enough of a footing for any rising enterprise to get the...

Performance Evaluation made Smarter: Key Performance Indicators Becoming the Key Players
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KPI has proven to be the best platform for performance management. FREMONT, CA: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is the most used method to measure the performance and determine the areas of improvements to achieve the business...

Strategic Ways for Ad-Based Sectors to Gain On-Time Payments
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  FREMONT, CA: The advertising industry has developed from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. With the invention of online streaming, advertising space is facing massive disruption. The surge in internet content joined...

Digitizing Main Street: There is No They
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Stacy Cox, COO & SVP, Croghan Colonial Bank

Digitizing Main Street means bringing competitive digital banking products to your neighbors and friends next door. Developing digital products in a community bank is different from the digital development that occurs in a larger bank. It’s...

The Inflight Connectivity Conundrum
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Chris Moore, EVP & CIO, Sun Country Airlines

While on an Alitalia flight from New York to Rome last month, I decided to take a break from my grinding, persistent insomnia (I cannot sleep on planes for whatever reason) to check out the in-flight connectivity offerings. At that point, in the...

Minimizing the Impact on IT Resources
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Sean Morris, Director Sales, Digitech Systems

Cloud Computing for ECM As a provider of a cloud technology since 1999, we whole heartedly embrace the use of cloud, and are one of the first software companies in the world to engineer software specifically for a cloud environment rather than...

CIO Driven Collaboration
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John Miller, VP-IT, American Textile Company

We IT professionals are in a unique situation. Sometimes, we fill the role of “Lightening Rod of Hate”. After all, we are the ones that say “No, you cannot have a new iPhone 6.” However, we have access to all of the data...

Building Trust in the Fintech Revenue Model
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The exponential growth of technologies and their offerings are profoundly influencing the industries, majorly the Fintech. As fintech is known for speed, agility, and incentives to deliver technology, one of the advantages that established...

Future Trends of Financial Institutions
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Financial institutions are deep into regulations, security and legacy infrastructure on the technological front. These regulations get in the way of institutions when it comes to adopting new trends. In recent years, they are investing mainly in...

EPM Tools To Meet Financial Landscape Needs
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Dave Kellogg, CEO

Finance departments of several firms still hesitate to embrace new technology compared to their peers—sales or marketing. While a number of packaged software applications address key enterprise performance management (EPM) requirements,...

AI and the Future of Field Service: Moving from Efficiency to Innovation
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Michael Alcock, Director-CIO Executive Programs & Content, Microsoft [NASDAQ: MSFT]

From the 10,000-foot view for field service, the priority is typically to enable faster fixes, for less cost, at less risk, and ideally with a seamless automation of administrative processes. For the CIO managing a portfolio of field enablement...

Shred the Spreadsheet: Harnessing Tech to Tame Travel and Expenses
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Jeannie Griffin, VP of Product & Technology Services, BCD Meetings & Events

Sales road warriors lament lag time for travel expense reimbursement. Conference panelists bristle while navigating third-party payment systems. Managers spend frustrated hours returning incomplete or incorrect expense reports to employees....

Taking the Lead-in pursuit of high performance
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Paul Yarwood, CEO, Hubble brand at

“Knowledge is power” – ever since this became a favourite IT sales cliché in the 1980s, enterprises have been gathering and archiving megabytes, gigabytes and now terabytes of digital data. Contemplating such mountains of...

Automating Invoices has become a 'Must' for the enterprises
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Automating your invoice processes is probably the best idea for your business. An enterprise must streamline its business by adopting an automation solution for its invoice processes. According to research, a firm with 45 employees estimated their...

Cloud Computing: New-age Mantra for Business
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Zack Bishop, EVP & CIO, Renasant Bank [NASDAQ:RNST]

Is the corporate-owned data center a thing of the past? With every company in the technology space heavily incenting their sales associates for those products that create the most repetitive profit, our ability to find relevant unbiased...