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Economizing Travel Expenses
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Dionne Denson, CFO, Georgia Department of Public Health

As finance professionals, the traditional approach to travel expense management has been to ensure compliance and control costs. In today’s global economy, the financial professional’s role has evolved to more of a strategic...

Seven Ways Behavioral Science Can Improve Customer Financial Health
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Mariel Beasley, Co-Founder, Common Cents Lab

For many casual observers, a CFO’s role is largely assumed to be only about balancing the numbers and making sure the company ends the year in a good financial place. But modern CFOs are responsible for so much more. Increasingly in the...

Migration to Cloud is The Future of IT Companies
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Jeanette Wade, CFO, The Executive Office of Technology Services and Security

Technology illustrates rapid pace advancement with corresponding costs and security vulnerabilities. Therefore, detecting and preventing financial fraud has become increasingly challenging with growing threats to cybersecurity. Business...

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