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More4Apps Forays into Designing Tools for Cloud-based ERP systems
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Bruce Doig, Founder and Head of Innovation, More4Apps

Data processing and storage is an issue for modern ERP systems. Enterprises always look for an efficient option to process and store their data securely. Cloud services have gained momentum in recent years for its excellent data security and...

Simplifying eCommerce to Strengthen Oil and Gas Service Company's Bottom Lines
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Chris Welsh, CEO, OFS Portal LLC

The flow of cash in the oil and gas industry seems quite simple. Take customer sales orders, fulfill orders, deliver orders, generate invoices, and collect payments. But times have changed. As the industry has grown so too has technology....

CFOs Will Lead the Next Productivity Boom
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Anne Ozzimo, Senior Director, ERP & EPM Cloud Executive Product Marketing, Oracle

  In early 2018, Dr. Michael Mandel, senior fellow at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the Wharton School, published new research arguing that increased access to emerging technologies delivered in the cloud via the cloud...

Capegemini Collaborates with FICO to Enhance Risk and Fraud Expertise in Financial Services
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Zhiwei Jiang, Global Head of Insights & Data, CAPGEMINI FINANCIAL SERVICES

FREMONT, CA: FICO an analytics software company headquartered in California announced its collaboration with Capgemini for catering to the increased market need for analytical solutions in finance services. The association will focus on...

Blended Business: Balancing Between Third-Party, Self-Built, Self-Hosted, and Cloud Applications
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Tom Berquist, CFO, TIBCO Software

After nearly 30 years in the software industry, I have learned a tremendous amount about how organizations use and manage both third party (purchased) and in-house (self-built) software. There are applications used to grow sales, improve products,...

Apttus Leads the Cloud-based Quote-to-Cash Solutions Market: Forrester
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FREMONT, CA: Forrester, a research and advisory firm announces Apttus as the best B2B Order Management solution provider in its recent report “The Forrester Wave: B2B Order Management for Q4 2015.” The report notes that Apttus delivers...

Empowering the New Business Model: From CFO to CIO
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Tyler Sloat, CFO, Zuora

The definition of success for Enterprise businesses has taken a dramatic shift. Top line recurring revenue growth is now the key metric and the efficiency of that growth drives the valuation multiples. Unlike in decades past, companies are...

INTEGRIM: Going Paperless to Augment Document Management
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André Denis, President & Founder

Having been in the business automation space for over 27 years, INTEGRIM is at the forefront of offering a comprehensive range of business process automation services and solutions for all manner of paper and electronic documents. The company has...

LucaNet: A Unified Financial Reporting Platform to Simplify the Life of Financial Professionals
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Rolf-Jürgen Moll, CTO

The business name LucaNet was initially established in 1999 and derived from one of the finest mathematicians, Luca Pacioli, who was the first to publish a treatise on the principle of double-entry accounting. Their agile, unique, and quick...

Computhink: Contentverse Fast Tracks Control and Automation to Finance and Accounting Processes
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Joseph Wharram, President

Computhink is revolutionizing business environments with an array of integrated digital business solutions. The company is the developer of the Contentverse Document Management System that alleviates overwhelming information input and...

Sage Intacct: Moving Beyond Traditional Billing
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Robert Reid, Sage Chairman, Mid-Market Solutions

Sage Intacct is a software company that provides financial management services to organizations. This company meets the needs of financial professionals, focused on customer success, and which is committed to the cloud....

Smart Digi Solutions: Bringing Efficiency and Transparency in Corporate Finance
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Melissa Chastain, CEO

Smart Digi Solutions offers a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage and improve global account reconciliation and performance, at the same time addressing the risks generated in corporate finance

LeaseAccelerator: Helping Controllers Implement 'New GAAP' Standards
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Jonathan Crawford, CTO

LeaseAccelerator provides enterprise lease accounting software to help companies comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16

Adaptive Insights: Powerful Modeling with Business Planning Cloud
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Robert S.Hull, Founder and Chairman

Provides Business Planning Cloud solution for organizations to collaboratively plan across the enterprise to make smarter decisions faster and get business agility in a fast-moving world

Delbridge Solutions: Accelerated 'Perfect' Corporate Performance Management Solution Implementation
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Leon Kharkhourin, CEO

An expert vendor evaluation and implementation consulting services provider in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions space

Innovus Partners: Translate Financial Goals into Operational Plans
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RJ Linehan, Managing Partner

Assisting clients champion their vision of achieving strategic advantage through business analytics

More4Apps: Wizards to Import Data into Oracle
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Brad Sayer, Support and Design Manager & Co-Founder

Offers a broad range of Excel-based products that enable organizations to process information into Oracle E-Business Suite with high speed and accuracy

PayStand: Next-Gen B2B Payments
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Jeremy Almond, CEO

Provides a “Payments as a Service” smart billing and payment network that can digitize receivables, automate processing, reduce time to cash, lower transaction costs, and boost revenue

Pivot Payables: Get Accounting, Expense and Account Payable Systems Talking
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Cher Pearsall, CEO

Pivot Payables delivers applications that increase the value of customer investments in business processes and systems, particularly related to spend and payment management for the expense, invoice, and travel. The enterprise’s solutions connect...

LucaNet: A Unified Financial Reporting Platform to Simplify the Life of Financial Professionals
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Dominik Duchon, Chief Sales Officer

LucaNet is a provider of Financial Performance Management software for consolidation, planning, reporting & analysis, designed by accountants for the Office of Finance professional. The company’s agile, fresh, and simple software is entirely...