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Improving the Process of Buying and Selling a Home
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With household purchasing requirements as well as real estate legislation evolving, increasing numbers of people turn to inspectors whenever immobilization is transacted. In fact, 95 per cent of domestic sales today comprise the home inspector...

Digital Transformation in Financial Services: An Inflection Point is Upon Us
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Mitch Siegel, Strategy Leader, Financial Services, KPMG LLP

The financial services (FS) industry is in the midst of a digital transformation, where customers are becoming accustomed to great experiences and raising their expectations when interacting with their FS providers. We believe the industry has...

VMware Agility and the Value of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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Tom Parker, CIO, Avalara

How does a rapidly growing software company located on four continents manage its workforce and project management needs effectively and efficiently? With VMware. No one likes to think about the problem of taxes (remember that old saying about...

5 Ways to Build Wealth Management Relationships in a Digital Era
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Bill Martin, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, INTRUST Bank

Technology is enabling financial advisors to develop better relationships with their clients. In the past, advisors had to split their time doing manual tasks and servicing clients. Today, technology allows advisors to devote more time with...

Innovation through New Technologies
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Daniel Friel, CIO, International Securities Exchange Holdings Inc.

At ISE, we use cloud computing as an innovation platform to support our research and development efforts and explore opportunities before bringing them to market. Given the latency requirements around operating a financial marketplace, the cloud...

Blockchain and its Impact on the Financial Sector
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Blockchain technology has taken the financial world by storm. This tamper-proof technology, which runs on several devices across a network simultaneously using smart contracts in automating the process of recording and executing transactions,...

The Dawn of AI in Finance Market
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Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and neural networking have become the trending topics across the market that each business is willing to integrate with their product offerings to automate day to day activity and reduce expenditure....

CFO-plus - Art & Science of Decision Making: The critical 30 seconds!
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Joseph Falcao, CFO, JSI Store Fixtures

“It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong” Abraham Lincoln The business world is changing at a fast pace; genesis of changes can come from anywhere. The changes are not linear, but are driven...

New Outlook for Legal Industry FP&A: Embracing Change to Modernize the Business of Law
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Jon Kanter, CFO, Goodwin

I joined Goodwin, a top 50 global law firm, five years ago as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, having spent 20 years at international management consultancy and accountancy firms. At the time, many considered legal at least five to...

GRID EX III - Physical and Cyber Security on the Electric Utility Grid
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Dawn Roth Lindell, SVP & CIO, Western Area Power Administration

What would happen if our electricity was down for weeks or months due to a coordinated attack on our electric grid? Without electricity, we go without clean water, our food would rot and without gasoline pumps which now use electricity, vehicles...

The Evolving Role of a CFO
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Matt Armanino, Partner, COO & CFO Advisory Services Practice Lead, Armanino LLP

There’s no denying it. There’s never been a better time to be a CFO. The shrinking chorus dismissing CFOs as “bean counters” is down to comedians looking for laughs and luddites who aren’t seeing what’s...

Bitreserve rechristened as Uphold, Introduces Credit and Debit Card Linking for Flexible Transactions
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Uphold, formerly known as Bitreserve, recalibrates its functionalities and offers new products and services in a bid to transform global financial ecosystem catering to several markets spread across the globe. The latest move...

Financial Planning Allowing for Calculated Risks
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David J. Rodgers, SVP & CFO, Briggs & Stratton Corp

Focus on Understanding Facts for Better Decision Making We coach our finance team to be focused on two things. 1) Get the actual financial reporting right and 2) Be a trusted business advisor to the business in order to help grow the company...

Set Financial Goals that Drive Shareholder Value
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Henk P. Derksen, SVP, Finance & CFO, Belden

Clear Objectives to Reach Financial Goals We believe that by focusing on four financial goals, alignment across functions can be attained. Belden has a revenue growth, an operating margin, a cash flow, and a return on invested capital goal....

Chart IQ Partenrs with Xignite to Launch Next Gen Financial Widgets
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FREMONT, CA: ChartIQ, a HTML5 financial charting company, and Xignite - a cloud-based market data applications provider- launches latest market data widgets enabled with improved technical charting analysis for financial websites. The joint...

Infosys Offers its Finacle suite on Verizon's Cloud Platform
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FREMONT, CA: Infosys is tying up with Verizon to offer its financial suite of software- Finacle, on Verizon’s cloud platform. The software is targeted mainly at banks and credit unions to enable them to be more agile and flexible. The aim is...

BeyondTrust's Solution to Simplify Auditing and Meet Compliance Requirements
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PHOENIX, AZ:  BeyondTrust,a provider of cyber security announces the availability of the BeyondTrust PowerBroker Management Suite 4.0., a solution to simplify auditing and also to meet the compliance requirements. Management Suite 4.0 adds...

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Charles Phillips, CEO

Enables enterprises to gain holistic view of business performance and offers tools to forecast future activities

9DOTS: Efficient Budgeting and Forecasting Solutions
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John Florio, CEO

Provider of efficient services and solutions in the budgeting and forecasting arena

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