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Eliminating the Complexity of Dealing with Multiple Vendors
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It is critical in today's world that businesses align their IT strategy with corporate goals, strategies, and business models. This alignment is a complex and multi-faceted process. Different business activities are likely to cover the IT...

CFO-plus - Art & Science of Decision Making: The critical 30 seconds!
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Joseph Falcao, CFO, JSI Store Fixtures

“It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong” Abraham Lincoln The business world is changing at a fast pace; genesis of changes can come from anywhere. The changes are not linear, but are driven...

Data Aggregation Made Easy as Innovest Inks Deal With Open Finance
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NEW YORK, NY- Innovest, a provider of financial technology solutions announced its partnership with Open Finance. Innovest’s intends to leverage Open Finance’s expertise in the field of financial services to aggregate data and to...

Tips to Mitigate Technology Implementation Challenges
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Regis Quirin, Director of Finance, Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP

Companies continually look for ways to reduce costs, facilitate sales, and increase customer satisfaction. While there are a multitude of specific approaches that could be utilized to address each issue, all three of these objectives could be...

Set Financial Goals that Drive Shareholder Value
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Henk P. Derksen, SVP, Finance & CFO, Belden

Clear Objectives to Reach Financial Goals We believe that by focusing on four financial goals, alignment across functions can be attained. Belden has a revenue growth, an operating margin, a cash flow, and a return on invested capital goal....

Navigating an Ever-Expanding Universe of Available IT Applications
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Alex Gredysa, CFO & Managing Partner, Dinsmore/Steele

The advent of the personal computer in 1981 fundamentally changed the way we live and work today. No more so than within the corporate financial world where the pace of information technology innovation has been nothing short of astonishing....

Advicent Solutions Announces Latest Version of Naviplan Financial Planning Tool
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FREMONT, CA: Advicent, a technology solutions provider for the financial industry, has announced the latest version of its NaviPlan financial planning tool. The updated features included are progress planning and improved reporting facilities....

Apex Clearing Corporation: Financial Trading with the Digital Touch
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William Capuzzi, CEO

An innovative clearing and execution solutions provider

Brilliance Financial Technology: Redefining Loan Pricing for Banks
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Christopher Grant, CEO

Provides a risk-based pricing and customer profitability solution that delivers credit pricing and profitability measures, enabling banks to evaluate the risk adjusted return of commercial loans...

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