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Risk Assessments to Manage Hedge Funds
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Hedge funds experienced a slow year, and a decline in profits is expected to squeeze bonuses for senior and mid-level investment professionals by large extent even though higher management fee revenue from assets under management. This low...

Addressing Risks with a new Hedge Fund Cybersecurity Solution
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Cybersecurity has been made an absolute necessity by technologies such as cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobility to protect companies from threats such as ransomware, DDoS, and phishing attacks. In order to protect the sensitive...

Leveraging Technology Tools for Efficient Fraud Detection
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Fraud has become a menace for companies across industries as it causes loss of trillions of dollars in a single year. According to a 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud survey by PwC, 49 percent of businesses had experienced fraud and economic...

Can Blockchain Revamp the Finance and Accounting Sector?
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The blockchain innovation is expected to have potential applications in several business sectors as the technology leaps forward. The technology is disrupting enterprises’ digital strategies globally, but soon it will disrupt the enterprise...

Mitigating Unsolved Marketing Challenges with Blockchain
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Blockchain technology is responsible for the design of a solution ecosystem for many industries. This technology has repeatedly proven its mettle by providing bitcoin security. Enterprises in many industries are looking for ways to adhere to...

Helping Model Risk Management with Machine Learning
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Stephen Hsu, SVP, Model Risk Management, Pacific Western Bank

Based on SR 11-7, the guiding principle for managing model risk is to provide effective challenge of models. Most of the time, the effective change is provided through model validations, model annual reviews, or other forms of independent reviews....

Quick Guide: A Movement Towards a Financially Secure Future
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A recent Suncorp study stated that two-thirds of people procrastinate about money, typically around establishing a budget, setting up a savings plan, or prioritizing their spending. Economist Philip Slade said that people underestimated the impact... Making Great Strides in Debt Recovery Arena
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A worldwide leader in the debt recovery industry, is touching the heights of success in 2018. It is having a breakout year by collecting millions of dollars for individuals and businesses across the globe in all industries....

Preventive Steps to Fight Insurance Fraud
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With the growing market, insurance companies are in a race to be sustainable and stay ahead at all time. This is possible only when the companies can be free of any security threat and are able to carry out seamless businesses. These aspirations...

Navigating Digital Transformation Challenges in Financial Security
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Brian Hosie, VP of Engineering, Lendio

Digital transformation is more important for banking than any other industry sector, according to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Survey. In today’s connected world, customers expect to be able to manage their money as fast as their network...

Tips for Collaborating with Finance on IT Budgets
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Tim Raiswell, MD, CEB

There are two types of budget that are used to manage investments in technology. These are the capital and the operating budgets, sometimes referred to as ‘capex’ and ‘opex’. Many of you seeking funding from your corporate...

CFO-plus - Art & Science of Decision Making: The critical 30 seconds!
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Joseph Falcao, CFO, JSI Store Fixtures

“It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong” Abraham Lincoln The business world is changing at a fast pace; genesis of changes can come from anywhere. The changes are not linear, but are driven...

Shaping Sensible Strategies for Financial Management
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Dhiraj Cherian, CFO, Panasonic Automotive

During the last decade, we have undergone a whirlwind of finance transformation through technology. The revisions in general accounting rules and an explosion of industry reporting obligations, and enhanced analytics needed to support our growth...

The Future of Blockchain Technology
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The research analysts, Shaping Tomorrow, have anticipated that blockchain technology will dominate the financial market in the coming years. Global banks are rapidly incorporating the technology owing to its contributions in the security and...

A CFO Explains: Partnering with Finance to Accelerate IT Transformation
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Rich Carroll, CFO, WGroup

As the CFO for WGroup, a leading technology management consulting firm, I’m in a unique position to understand how critical it is for IT and Finance departments to work together. The CIO and CFO have the same objective—the creation...

Balancing Risk and Revenue
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Tracy Metzger, COO, Vesta Corporation

For today’s merchants, the costs of payment fraud are astonishing. Recent research estimated that combined chargeback management and fraud-prevention costs account for between 14.9 percent and 23 percent of an average merchant’s...

Managing Digital Transformation by IT and Security Teams
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Elena Kvochko, CIO-Group Security Function, Barclays

Over the last couple of decades, companies have expanded their digital presence by fostering technology innovation. As a result, they are able to deliver a variety of services, and reach more stakeholders with the same amount of effort and at a...

GRID EX III - Physical and Cyber Security on the Electric Utility Grid
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Dawn Roth Lindell, SVP & CIO, Western Area Power Administration

What would happen if our electricity was down for weeks or months due to a coordinated attack on our electric grid? Without electricity, we go without clean water, our food would rot and without gasoline pumps which now use electricity, vehicles...

Two Disruptive Technologies That Will Change the Face of Financial Services
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Sameer Kishore, VP & Global Head, Banking, Financial Services, Securities & Insurance, Dell Services

Much has been written about the global forces gathering to create a ‘perfect storm’ in the world of banking, causing unprecedented pressure on the financial system. There’s economic volatility, seemingly never-ending regulatory...

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