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Mitigating Financial Security Risks with the Cloud
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Financial services companies today face a lot of challenges such as more demand from consumers and stakeholders, the need to increase security risks, and cost-efficient management. In order to mitigate these challenges, it is essential to adopt...

Ways to Overcome Challenges In the Financial Service Industry
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The financial services industry is in charge of managing money for individuals and corporations. The services they offer encompasses a broad range of business that manages money including credit unions, banks, insurance, consumer finances,...

All about Mobile banking and Mobile payments
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Mobile banking is an act of making financial transactions like deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and payments through a mobile application service offered by financial institutions. In this digital age, Mobile banking solutions are a key...

The Next Big Thing for FinTech
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FinTech is witnessing many innovative trends like mobile banking and biometrics today. As a result, the financial industry provides products that help in easy remittance and assistance in loan decisions. One of the major examples of such...

Future Trends of Financial Institutions
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Financial institutions are deep into regulations, security and legacy infrastructure on the technological front. These regulations get in the way of institutions when it comes to adopting new trends. In recent years, they are investing mainly in...

Single Sign-in to Authenticate Multiple Devices
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Hua Yang, Co-Founder & CEO and Lenny Kontsevich, Co-Founder & Chairman

The use of biometrics in the automotive, AR/VR, banking, e-commerce, and wearable industries have exciting possibilities. However, there are specific needs and specifications for each industry. To date, none of those different requirements or...

Role of the CFO Amidst Evolving Technology
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Success in today’s technological economy is determined by the height of creativity C-suite executives deliver to the field where ever it is essential. The CFO’s role is to use various new technologies to help steer the company to...

Consolidation of Reporting and BI Systems
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Today, enterprises leverage business intelligence (BI) tools to turn the deluge of corporate data into action-oriented insights. With components like metrics management, dashboards, scorecards, KPI management, financial reporting, planning,...

Upgrading Your Digital Business
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James Eichmann, Chief Data Officer, Billtrust

When you build a new house from the ground up, you use new, energy efficient, cost-saving materials. However, if you are updating an older home, you have two choices. Either you can make some cosmetic improvements, such as new siding, paint, and...

Faster, Safer Data Hosting Starts With a Map
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Mark Bauer, Managing Director and Co-lead of the Data Center Solutions, JLL

Where your co-location facility is located has a profound impact on security and latency reduction. The days are numbered for hosting your data in a co-location facility in the middle of nowhere, miles and miles of transmission cable from your...

How Improvements to Online Processing System Reduces Inconvenience?
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José Cisneros, Treasurer, City and County of San Francisco

One of the most publicized aspects of the federal tax bill approved by Congress on December 19th, 2017, was the new $10,000 cap on state and local taxes (SALT) that people could write off for federal income tax purposes. Taxpayers in high tax...

Delivering UserCentered Design (UCD) Strategies
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Raouf Carmi, VP, Product & Digital Transformation, Eagle Investment Systems (subsidiary of BNY Mellon)

Design best practices are imperative when thinking about mobile native, mobile web or a “hybrid” solution. Which strategy is best for your organization? One of the biggest challenges financial institutions have to continuously...

Artificial Intelligence Against Online Financial Fraud
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Nicolas Miailhe, Co-Founder & President, The Future Society

Cybercrime and online financial fraud increased sharply between 2016 and 2018, with a total loss exceeding $3 billion in 2016 for fake president frauds, wire transfer scams and fake suppliers alone. The number of attacks carried out by sending a...

New Generation of Travel & Expense at Gonzaga University
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Linda Wilson, Director, Finance System and Services, Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University is a small, private, Jesuit University established in 1887 in Spokane, Washington, that provides an exemplary learning community educating students for lives of leadership and service for the common good. While Gonzaga...

Multi Award-Winner P2P Provider, Yooz North America, Reports Mid-Year Triple Digit Growth
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Multi award-winning cloud AP automation innovator, Yooz North America, reports 100% revenue growth mid-year 2018, and a 105% increase in new clients year- over-year based on comparative time period, from industry sectors such automotive,...

Core Conversion Survival Guide
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Eddie Ho, CIO, Los Alamos National Bank

With the pressure of the regulatory compliance environment driving the financial industry to a highly-standardized processing model, and the rise of customer expectations for up-to-date banking services, financial institutions are forced to...

CFOs Will Lead the Next Productivity Boom
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Anne Ozzimo, Senior Director, ERP & EPM Cloud Executive Product Marketing, Oracle

  In early 2018, Dr. Michael Mandel, senior fellow at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the Wharton School, published new research arguing that increased access to emerging technologies delivered in the cloud via the cloud...

How Peterson Auto Group Shifted from Reverse to Overdrive with AP Automation
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Patsy Price, Director of Operations, Peterson Auto Group

The Backstory “It’s like herding cats!” That’s what I would tell myself on many days at Peterson Auto Group when it came to processing, routing and paying our invoices…even actually finding the invoices, for that...

Navigating Digital Transformation Challenges in Financial Security
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Brian Hosie, VP of Engineering, Lendio

Digital transformation is more important for banking than any other industry sector, according to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Survey. In today’s connected world, customers expect to be able to manage their money as fast as their network...

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