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AI to Modernize the Financial Industry
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The adoption of Artificial Intelligence  by the financial industry has made the organizations to increase their efficiency, transparency, and improved consumer experiences. AI and ML offer services in the financial industry through...

Quick Guide: A Movement Towards a Financially Secure Future
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A recent Suncorp study stated that two-thirds of people procrastinate about money, typically around establishing a budget, setting up a savings plan, or prioritizing their spending. Economist Philip Slade said that people underestimated the impact...

Shred the Spreadsheet: Harnessing Tech to Tame Travel and Expenses
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Jeannie Griffin, VP of Product & Technology Services, BCD Meetings & Events

Sales road warriors lament lag time for travel expense reimbursement. Conference panelists bristle while navigating third-party payment systems. Managers spend frustrated hours returning incomplete or incorrect expense reports to employees....

Economizing Travel Expenses
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Dionne Denson, CFO, Georgia Department of Public Health

As finance professionals, the traditional approach to travel expense management has been to ensure compliance and control costs. In today’s global economy, the financial professional’s role has evolved to more of a strategic...

Faster, Safer Data Hosting Starts With a Map
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Mark Bauer, Managing Director and Co-lead of the Data Center Solutions, JLL

Where your co-location facility is located has a profound impact on security and latency reduction. The days are numbered for hosting your data in a co-location facility in the middle of nowhere, miles and miles of transmission cable from your...

Key Trends in Law Firm Fintech
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Madhav Srinivasan, CFO, Hunton Andrews Kurth

Financial technology is crucial to the smooth functioning of modern law firms. The interplay between finance and technology has always existed, but it has become more complex in recent years. Experience shows CFOs spend a fair proportion of...

5 Ways to Build Wealth Management Relationships in a Digital Era
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Bill Martin, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, INTRUST Bank

Technology is enabling financial advisors to develop better relationships with their clients. In the past, advisors had to split their time doing manual tasks and servicing clients. Today, technology allows advisors to devote more time with...

How Disruption Leads to Innovation
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Scott Blandford, Chief Digital Officer, TIAA

Financial services organizations are not often viewed as quick thinking or digitally native. They are mostly regarded as steady and unchanging. Too much modernization might “rock the boat,” creating a perception of instability for...

Seven Ways Behavioral Science Can Improve Customer Financial Health
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Mariel Beasley, Co-Founder, Common Cents Lab

For many casual observers, a CFO’s role is largely assumed to be only about balancing the numbers and making sure the company ends the year in a good financial place. But modern CFOs are responsible for so much more. Increasingly in the...

The Dawn of AI in Finance Market
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Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and neural networking have become the trending topics across the market that each business is willing to integrate with their product offerings to automate day to day activity and reduce expenditure....

Why Security Professionals in Financial Services are relying on Fewer Technologies and Tools
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Sameer Kishore, VP & Global Head, Banking, Financial Services, Securities & Insurance, Dell Services

Financial services organizations face security attacks three times as frequently as companies in any other industry. Hackers are not only targeting these firms for their money, but also for the wealth of customers’ personal information...

Fintech and the Future of Financial Market Infrastructure
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Robert Garrison, CIO, DTCC

New technologies are disrupting long-established operating models across many business sectors, in some cases transforming entire industries and driving efficiencies and cost saving that would have been unachievable just a few years ago. Even in...

Keeping Finances Clean with AI and Machine Learning
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The chief concern of criminals while stealing funds is that the transactions should not be traced back to them. To prevent this, banks spend an estimated £5 billion annually in combating financial crime, the major chunk of which goes into...

FP&A of the Future: Emerge as a True Strategic Partner
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Nick Fischer, SVP & CFO, Betteridge

FP&A of the Future: Emerge as a True Strategic Partner Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) as a strategic partner has become a recurring theme in the corporate finance community. Most in FP&A agree that becoming more...

Delivering Next Generation Payment Solution to Improve Customer Experience
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Brian M Ziff Levine, Senior Director-Cards & Payments, First Tech Federal Credit Union

The Future of the Payments Experience The best payments experience you can have today is one where the payment itself is entirely invisible. We pay for our Uber simply by getting out of the car; we buy our groceries on Amazon by talking to a...

Hiring Your Next IT Management Superstar
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J. Freeman, Senior Technology Manager & Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Let’s face it: IT professionals are often perceived to be a managerial pain in the butt. They are, on the whole, black-and-white types that are color blind to shades of grey. Their world consists mostly of the Boolean data type, and they...

Do's and Don'ts of Change Management in Financial Systems Initiatives
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Tim Hird, Executive Director, Robert Half Management Resources

This is a dynamic time in the world of financial software, with technological advances creating breakthroughs in how business problems are solved. Cloud platforms and data analytics, for example, provide new tools to work faster, more efficiently...

How do Data and Analytics-Savvy CFOs Stay Ahead of the Game?
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John Rodgers, COO & Managing Partner, SSA & Company

Digital disruption and the evolving business landscape have significantly changed the C-Suite’s directive. While all executives must understand how to embrace this new landscape, few play a role as critical as the CFO. In addition to...

Forecasting Landscape in the Hospitality Industry
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Dennis DuBois, Senior Director of Finance, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Forecasts and budgets are a normal part of any business and companies in the hospitality industry are no different to others in the United States. The challenges the hospitality industry face, like other industries, is identifying sources of...

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