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Financial Risk Management by IFAC and ERM.
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The global economy is the driving force for countries around the world in formulating business strategies. This brings both the risk and reward with the expansion of partnerships and investments. Enterprise risk management (ERM) is the defense...

Artificial Intelligence: A Safe Bet For Financial Marketers
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing, the newest wave of data-driven marketing strategy is taking the financial industry by storm. It enables marketers to create a highly personalized customer experience. The successful financial marketers are...

Instilling Efficiency in Financial Institutions
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Effective technology investments are hallmarks of efficient and successful financial institutions. Regulatory, security and customer demands are constantly rising, and only the right information technology solutions can help achieve business...

Managing Travel Expenses with Alternative Accommodations
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David Holyoke, Head of Worldwide Sales and Global Head of Airbnb for Work, Airbnb

As ride-sharing services and alternative accommodations move solidly into the mainstream for personal travel, employees increasingly expect access to the same options when they travel for work. Many companies and employees have quickly...

Accounts Receivable Processes: Latest Trends
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Every business requires that their payments from customers are received within time, and the goal is to also improve the way the service is delivered. Companies that don’t get paid will not stay too long, and late payments can make it...

Artificial Intelligence: The Perfect Ally of the Finance World..
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Artificial intelligence (AI), above all other innovations, has emerged as a technological trend that is transforming the face of the financial services (FS) landscape, starting from retail banks to global financial institutions. AI has made a...

Do's and Don'ts of Change Management in Financial Systems Initiatives
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Tim Hird, Executive Director, Robert Half Management Resources

This is a dynamic time in the world of financial software, with technological advances creating breakthroughs in how business problems are solved. Cloud platforms and data analytics, for example, provide new tools to work faster, more efficiently...

Teespring Partners with Payoneer to Transform the Business World of Entrepreneur Worldwide.
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NEW YORK CITY, NY: Payoneer, an online payment company has been selected by Teespring, an e-commerce firm, to provide platform for global mass payment services.Both shares a common platform of empowering business professional and owners...

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