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Collaborating with FinTech Partners to Improve Corporate Practice
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The customer base of Cadwalader includes numerous leading financial institutions, corporations, charities as well as public and private institutions worldwide. Cadwalader lawyers work closely with them to solve the complex problems that the global...

Trends that will Disrupt Banking in 2019
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In the banking industry, there is a new promise, and perhaps no better time than now for the necessary transformation. Economic fundamentals are strong, the regulatory climate is favorable, and transformation technologies are easier to access,...

Mitigating Unsolved Marketing Challenges with Blockchain
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Blockchain technology is responsible for the design of a solution ecosystem for many industries. This technology has repeatedly proven its mettle by providing bitcoin security. Enterprises in many industries are looking for ways to adhere to...

Exploring How Advanced Automation is Driving Successful Business Results
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Financial institutions have focused primarily on the speed and efficiency of transaction processes to minimize the cost and enhance the visibility of information. Depending upon this data, financial institutions provide relevant and appropriate...

Information Liaisons: An Intro to Integrating Systems and People for Fintech
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Drew Carrick, Director of Financial Analysis, Compliance, and Operations, Long Island University

Throughout the course of the modern era’s financial evolution via the incorporation of financial technology systems, or fin-tech, one consistent variable remained a key element in successful integration —people. In integrating software...

How Improvements to Online Processing System Reduces Inconvenience?
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José Cisneros, Treasurer, City and County of San Francisco

One of the most publicized aspects of the federal tax bill approved by Congress on December 19th, 2017, was the new $10,000 cap on state and local taxes (SALT) that people could write off for federal income tax purposes. Taxpayers in high tax...

New Generation of Travel & Expense at Gonzaga University
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Linda Wilson, Director, Finance System and Services, Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University is a small, private, Jesuit University established in 1887 in Spokane, Washington, that provides an exemplary learning community educating students for lives of leadership and service for the common good. While Gonzaga...

Driving Transformation: Utilization of Electricity Bills
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Eloise Young, CIO, Philadelphia Gas Works

Utilities of Internet Close your eyes and imagine stepping into your home on a frigid February night. Still shivering as you hang up your coat, your heating system senses that you are chilled and gently raises the temperature to warm you....

Do's and don'ts of Change Management in Financial Systems Initiatives
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Tim Hird, Executive Director, Robert Half Management Resources

This is a dynamic time in the world of financial software, with technological advances creating breakthroughs in how business problems are solved. Cloud platforms and data analytics, for example, provide new tools to work faster, more efficiently...

Compete or Partner-Banks See Rise of FinTech Solutions
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Christopher Kennedy, VP, Quantitative Finance Manager, BankUnited

FinTech, or simply financial technology, is moving at the speed of innovation. FinTech originally represented the shift of traditional brick-and-mortar banking to online and mobile platforms. Now, FinTech embodies a deluge of Silicon Valley...

Is Death of the Financial Services Industry Impending?
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Nigel Fenwick, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

A couple of years ago I wrote a post predicting a new business paradigm for financial services. You may have read this post and been skeptical. Maybe you thought it wasn't realistic. If so, you may be wishing you were paying more attention...

The Evolving Technology Landscape
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Enrique Ramos O'Reilly, Regional Director, Temenos

As a supplier of banking technology, one of the trends that has affected our business model is the market shift toward a “pay as you go” type of service. In order to fulfill this expectation, we have adapted our IT operating model by...

Success Lies In Knowing the Needs of the Customer
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Steve Ambrose, CIO, DTE Energy

Technology challenges in meeting enterprise needs Technology is deeply integrated into our company's daily work, and the IT experience affects our customers and our employees. We seek to provide our employees with positive IT experiences so...

End-User Computing and Technical Debt in Taxation
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JD Choi, CEO, Tax Technologies, Inc.

Spreadsheets are the most common end-user computing (“EUC”) tool in taxation. Since the introduction of VisiCalc in 1979, electronic spreadsheets experienced several market evolutions culminating in Microsoft Excel becoming most...

Choosing the Right Financing Solution for your IT Infrastructure
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Bill Wavro, President, Dell Financial Services

IT decision makers have a lot to consider when choosing the right technology solution for their business needs, and chief among those concerns is how they will pay for, or consume, the technology. A recent study from Techaisle indicates that as...

Catering Financial Technology for the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid
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Roman Hingorani, CFO, FINCA Microfinance Holding Company

In my long career in banking, I’ve utilized technology to increase efficiency, balance books and more importantly, ensure growth of customer profitability and value for shareholders. In the past year as a leading microfinance bank’s...

Two Disruptive Technologies That Will Change the Face of Financial Services
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Sameer Kishore, VP & Global Head, Banking, Financial Services, Securities & Insurance, Dell Services

Much has been written about the global forces gathering to create a ‘perfect storm’ in the world of banking, causing unprecedented pressure on the financial system. There’s economic volatility, seemingly never-ending regulatory...

Maximizing Return on Development to Meet Commitments
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Eduardo E. Cordeiro, EVP & CFO, Cabot Corporation

Adopting a Standard Approach to Improve Quality, Speed & Profitability Innovation is inherently an entrepreneurial endeavor; however, it needs some structure around  the process. At Cabot we have a formal stage-gate idea-to-launch...

Do BI Systems Hold the Secret Recipe for a Competitive Edge?
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Brad DeMent, Partner and Finance& Accounting Practice Lead, ScottMadden, Inc

A Shift in Technology Thinking As a management consultant and leader of ScottMadden’s Corporate & Shared Services finance and accounting practice, I have lately heard quite a shift in CFO thinking toward Business Intelligence (BI)...

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