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Choosing the Right Financing Solution for your IT Infrastructure
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Bill Wavro, President, Dell Financial Services

IT decision makers have a lot to consider when choosing the right technology solution for their business needs, and chief among those concerns is how they will pay for, or consume, the technology. A recent study from Techaisle indicates that as...

Exploring Financial Implications to achieve Long-Term Goals
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Pat Doyle, EVP & CFO, DirecTV

Forecasting is Vital in Today’s Competitive Environment The ability of Finance organizations to provide senior management with timely and relevant feedback on the implications of business decisions via forecasting is critical in...

The Collaboration of IT and Finance
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Paul Benedetto, CFO & Co-founder, iTrellis

What have historically been considered “back office” functions, the  last few years have  marked  an  accelerated transition  to  front  and center status for Finance and Information Technology...

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