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The Growth of Algorithmic Trading Financial Markets
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The days of busy stock exchange floors are almost gone. Recently, around 84 percent of trades have happened in NYSE and 60 percent in LSE through algorithmic trading. Inevitably, every trade will be using algorithmic trading. The global...

Exploring How Advanced Automation is Driving Successful Business Results
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Financial institutions have focused primarily on the speed and efficiency of transaction processes to minimize the cost and enhance the visibility of information. Depending upon this data, financial institutions provide relevant and appropriate...

Tips for Collaborating with Finance on IT Budgets
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Tim Raiswell, MD, CEB

There are two types of budget that are used to manage investments in technology. These are the capital and the operating budgets, sometimes referred to as ‘capex’ and ‘opex’. Many of you seeking funding from your corporate...

The New Norm for Today's CFO: Compliance without Borders
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Jeff Laborde, CFO, Infor

The role of the today’s CFO has never been more complex, even as technology aspires to make the CFO’s life easier. The pace of information flows, technology evolution and competitive threats in today’s business climate poses real...

Unified Commerce Solutions: Reinventing Accounts Receivable Cycles
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John K. Perez, CEO, Dan Hatcher, President & Co-Founder and Madeline W. Long, VP of Enterprise Solutions

Modernizes accounts receivable cycles with powerful cuttingedge technology and non-invasive solutions

Softrak Systems: Infusing Efficiency into Accounting Processes
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Andrew Bates, Founding Partner & CEO

Delivers an accounting system designed for small- and mediumsized businesses

MineralTree: Delivering Secure AP and Payment Automation Software
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BC Krishna, Founder, President & CEO

A provider of accounts payable and payment automation software to middle market enterprises that improves efficiencies and visibility into cashflow, and enables easy access to data required to make strategic decisions...

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