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The Applications of AI Technology in the Fintech world
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The role of Artificial Intelligence and other related technologies have helped businesses to scale to greater heights. AI is lends its support in the Fintech and financial firms and solves complex problems, and consequently improves the overall...

Is Open Banking an Answer for Innovative Banking Solution?
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Open banking is set to disrupt traditional financial processes. Banking and other financial institutions need to develop new operating models to remain competitive. Data is the new asset for banks which enable them to learn more about their...

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a widely used technology in multiple sectors. It also has various uses in the financial space such as fraud detection, risk-reward analysis, and advisory services. This transformative technology can also be...

Technology trends the marketing industry seeks for financial growth
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Advancement of technologies and digitization have transformed the way of doing marketing. They are making the marketing industry more accessible to businesses and sales teams. Marketing sector today is going through new technologies, regulations,...

Data Analysis for Fraud Detection
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Fraud is a vital issue in the finance domain, affecting banks and consumers alike; it is the hidden threat that can eat away the fabric of an economy. Leveraging real-time analytics and machine learning for many initiatives like risk management,...

We Built This City: Why a Strong Enterprise Architecture is Crucial in Fintech
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Patricia A Watson, EVP and CIO, TSYS [NYSE: TSS]

Imagine breaking ground on a building without a blueprint. Worse yet, imagine an entire city that emerged without an urban planner. What would we find? Most likely, a scene of disarray and inefficiency – think mismatched buildings of...

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Ila Imani, CEO

Offers software and solutions to help organizations in digital transformation for assured expense reduction

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Thomas Cotic, Co-founder and CEO

Provides intelligent data analysis specifically for insurance companies and financial service providers in detecting fraud

MoreReporting: Streamlining Financial Fraud Analysis
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Johan Colvig, Co-Founder

Offers a data-driven approach to analyze and determine financial frauds whereby it assesses financial data to identify anomalies in transaction patterns or periods

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Paul Ansloos, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing

Assists companies establish truly ‘best-in-class’ automated expense management programs

Entertainment Partners: Next Generation Production Management
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Mark Goldstein CEO & President

Helps companies in the entertainment industry to choose suitable locations for filming and forecasts and tracks their expenses during a project...

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Jay Larson, CEO

Provides business intelligence dashboard analytics with drill-down capabilities that enables aggregating data from multiple source systems into consistent KPIs

DATABASICS: Future-Proofing Expense Management
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Marcel Syriani, VP & Chief Technology Officer

Delivers cloud-based expense reporting software with global solutions for mobile and web reporting

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