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Panasonic Automotive Trends And Future of Automated Accounts Payable
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Dhiraj Cherian, CFO, Panasonic Automotive [TYO: 6752]

Dhiraj Cherian has proven years of experience in leading large privately held and multinational corporations towards diverse growth in accomplishing a financially progressive future. Mr.Cherian brings a global perspective and long-term vision from...

Upcoming trends and technological advancements in the Accounts Payable space
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Sandra Clarke,Chief Financial Officer, Blue Shield of California

We have started on a multi-year plan at Blue Shield of California to improve the efficiencies of our accounts payable processes and deliver enhanced service to our business. CFO oversight of Accounts Payable is always a balance of payment...

Business Expense Management Goes from the Dark Age to the Digital Age
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Jeffrey Melnick, CFO, EisnerAmper

Jeffrey Melnick is a Partner and the Chief Financial Officer at EisnerAmper LLP. He has more than 25 years of business experience, including finance, operations, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining the firm, Jeff held positions at...

Transforming Finance into a Strategic Business Partner
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Mark Kaye, Chief Financial Officer and Lori Tansley, Head of Data Analytics & Financial Transformation, Moody's Corporation

At many companies, finance departments are in the midst of a fundamental transformation - from a back-office function built for accounting, budgeting, controls, and transactional activities to a strategic business partner - one that is evaluated...

This Is How CFOs Stay With The Transforming Markets
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Changing trends are reshaping the business position can be taken by CFOs to welcome the change and form their function. FREMONT, CA:  With the expectations and the tremendous disparity between the day-to-day operational regulation...

This Is Why CFOs Need Corporate Performance Management Software
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Previously used in accounting divisions, CPM technology with changes is a supplement to business intelligence programs throughout various enterprises. FREMONT, CA: Corporate Performance Management Software Market offers an in-depth analysis of...

How Can Automation of Accounts Receivable Assist CFOs?
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Automating the financial process of the electronics supply chain is crucial as the field has exhibited a drop in the development. With automation of the AR processes the companies can increase the scope of improvement extensively. FREMONT, CA:...

The Shift from Written Invoices to Electronic Ones!
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It is a rational thought to see the e-commerce organization benefit from the e-invoicing technology-based solution because it broadens the electronic foundations cost-effectively and reasonably. FREMONT, CA: It is one of the significant...

Significance of Automating Tax Compliance with AP
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It is time to discover cloud-native, flexible platforms that can help businesses in addressing tax reporting reforms. Moreover, they allow seamless integration with the existing ERPs as well as with the changing rules of countries. FREMONT, CA:...

Unraveling the Hostility of Traditional Virtual Cards
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Craig O'Neill, CEO & Director

Mastercard has started working with VersaPay, a principal provider of cloud-based invoice-to-cash solutions, to offer a solution that can remove the manual processes of reconciling incoming payment data. FREMONT, CA: “Everything boils...

A "Day in the Life" of a Modern AR/AP Professional
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The day-to-day task of an AR/AP professional is taxing and tedious. The processes are cyclic, un-ending, and iterative. With time, the clerks tend to err, creating discrepancies in company’s finances. Automation can help solve this...

Blockchain Capacitating Enterprise ERP Systems
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Blockchain integration into enterprise ERP systems will not only encourage a seamless connectivity but also increase effectiveness of the ERP system communications. FREMONT, CA: The integration of blockchain into ERP systems is expected to...

The End of Managing Finances Manually
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The new technologies in the field of financial management allow businesses to nurture and present an avenue to put their market status on a greater pedestal. The financial management technologies help businesses to distinguish the emerging...

Digitalizing the Tax Functions with Advanced Data Analytics
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FREMONT, CA: The finance sector is one of the industries which have successfully implemented digital transformations. The organizations in the industry have found a range of applications and the tax function is no exception. While the regulatory...

Evolution of Technology to Reshape Financial Businesses
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FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of most business sectors, among which is the finance department. In finance, AI is frequently used to automate invoice and payment processing. AI enhances HR departments and...

Digitizing Main Street: There is No They
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Stacy Cox, COO & SVP, Croghan Colonial Bank

Digitizing Main Street means bringing competitive digital banking products to your neighbors and friends next door. Developing digital products in a community bank is different from the digital development that occurs in a larger bank. It’s...

Reforming Taxation with Automation
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Digitalization of tax calculation and payment process is an initiative to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs. It makes tax administration more effective, efficient, and easier for...

The Business of Service Management
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Mitch Kenfield, Principal, CIO Advisory Practice, KPMG US

IT organizations face formidable challenges. To meet them, they must focus on becoming more agile and responsive to the business. Straightforward, fast and uncomplicated are not the words that usually come to mind when the IT organization...

From Technologist to Teacher (and Value Creator)
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Mel Heckman, CIO, West Monroe Partners

The role of IT in business continues to evolve as there is an IT component in virtually every facet of today’s businesses. Successful CIOs know that their role must also evolve. As an advisor to CIOs the constant flux of new technologies can...

CIO Driven Collaboration
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John Miller, VP-IT, American Textile Company

We IT professionals are in a unique situation. Sometimes, we fill the role of “Lightening Rod of Hate”. After all, we are the ones that say “No, you cannot have a new iPhone 6.” However, we have access to all of the data...