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The Applications of AI Technology in the Fintech world
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The role of Artificial Intelligence and other related technologies have helped businesses to scale to greater heights. AI is lends its support in the Fintech and financial firms and solves complex problems, and consequently improves the overall...

Risk Assessments to Manage Hedge Funds
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Hedge funds experienced a slow year, and a decline in profits is expected to squeeze bonuses for senior and mid-level investment professionals by large extent even though higher management fee revenue from assets under management. This low...

The Role of AI in Efficient Inventory Management
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Digitalization is bringing in new opportunities and is opening new doors for the automated world. The ever-growing technology has entirely changed the functioning of the corporate world. With the advent of robots to assist humans, the efficiency...

Automation for Enhanced Efficiency in the Procure-to-Pay Process
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Most enterprises miss out on the full benefits of automation because they pick the wrong technology or take the wrong approach during its deployment. The terms procurement automation, payments automation, and invoice payment or AP automation are...

Adopting AI Automation in Supply Chain Management
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In the U.S., few retailers have completely undergone a digital transformation, although citing cost as the main barrier in their supply chain process. According to a study from Gravity Supply Chain Solutions, 85 percent of retailers are yet to...

Can Blockchain Revamp the Finance and Accounting Sector?
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The blockchain innovation is expected to have potential applications in several business sectors as the technology leaps forward. The technology is disrupting enterprises’ digital strategies globally, but soon it will disrupt the enterprise...

Optimizing Your Certifications Process
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Tim Ward, Director of Product Strategy and Marketing, StarCompliance

From prep-work to software, five steps to a more efficient and more effective process Certifications can be intimidating, whether you're the person completing one or the person making sure they get completed. Getting everyone on both sides...

Artificial Intelligence: A Safe Bet For Financial Marketers
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing, the newest wave of data-driven marketing strategy is taking the financial industry by storm. It enables marketers to create a highly personalized customer experience. The successful financial marketers are...

Guide to Absolute Security in Financial Services Organizations
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Changing technology dynamics and financial services institutions switching to cloud-based services has made the technology architecture vulnerable to attacks. In this scenario, financial services institutions should have a checklist to keep them...

Improving the Process of Buying and Selling a Home
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With household purchasing requirements as well as real estate legislation evolving, increasing numbers of people turn to inspectors whenever immobilization is transacted. In fact, 95 per cent of domestic sales today comprise the home inspector...

Protecting Transactions from Cyberattacks
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Each action has intended and unintended consequences; the digital revolution has proved to be a double-edged sword. With the penetration of smartphone progressing the financial services, security issues have risen astonishingly. There are some...

Biometrics reinforcing Financial Security
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Biometrics is the study of distinctive and measurable human characteristics like fingerprints and veins, palm veins, iris, retina, face, and voice. The banking sector is using biometrics widely as it is highly secure, provides privacy, universal,...

For Success in Collections: Don't Under Invest
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Ted Matthews, MBA, CPA, CGMA, CFO, Austin Regional Clinic

The patient experience has never received as much attention in healthcare as it has today. In a world where individuals are empowered with information—from review sites to social media networks—and a vast number of...

Five Trends That Will Disrupt the Digital Marketing Space in 2019
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The banking sector and credit unions have long been subject to disruptive technologies and are advancing at a rapid pace. The introduction of IT in the finance sector has helped in enhancing customer relationships, simplifying operations and...

Managing Travel Expenses with Alternative Accommodations
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David Holyoke, Head of Worldwide Sales and Global Head of Airbnb for Work, Airbnb

As ride-sharing services and alternative accommodations move solidly into the mainstream for personal travel, employees increasingly expect access to the same options when they travel for work. Many companies and employees have quickly...

A Report From The Front: Transforming IT to Enable Business Strategy
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Eileen Baines, SVP & CIO, CoBank

Technology is transforming at a faster pace than ever. As leaders of the IT function, we need to think of ourselves as innovators and change agents –as enablers of business strategy –rather than order takers or cost centers. As a...

AI and the Future of Field Service: Moving from Efficiency to Innovation
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Michael Alcock, Director-CIO Executive Programs & Content, Microsoft [NASDAQ: MSFT]

From the 10,000-foot view for field service, the priority is typically to enable faster fixes, for less cost, at less risk, and ideally with a seamless automation of administrative processes. For the CIO managing a portfolio of field enablement...

Responsible AI: The Human-Machine Symbiosis
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Sal Cucchiara, CIO and Head of Wealth Management Technology, Morgan Stanley

Over 20 years ago, a supercomputer beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov at chess. That moment helped plant the seeds for the era of big data in which we live today, and it marked a critical cultural turning point that suggested a machine...

Accounts Receivable Processes: Latest Trends
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Every business requires that their payments from customers are received within time, and the goal is to also improve the way the service is delivered. Companies that don’t get paid will not stay too long, and late payments can make it...

Make your Bill Presentment Good for Better Interaction with Customers
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Jennifer Tran, Billing Services Director, Intermountain Rural Electric Association

Many companies are unsure of where to start when it comes to the topic of redesigning their bill presentment and it’s never a quick walk in the park. The time and effort is enough for you to avoid this project.  The goal of any bill...

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