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Market Transactions in a Shared Repository
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New technology is disrupting long-standing operating models in many sectors, transforming entire industries in some cases and increasing efficiency and cost savings that were impossible to achieve only a few years ago. Technology is also compelled...

Setting Up the Guardrails that Mitigate Risk
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Scott M. Frisch, EVP & COO, AARP

It is critical to the success of any enterprise to recognize potentially destabilizing risks and be able to deal with them swiftly and effectively. A key component of that capacity is the CFO’s continuous assessment and monitoring of...

Trends that will Disrupt Banking in 2019
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In the banking industry, there is a new promise, and perhaps no better time than now for the necessary transformation. Economic fundamentals are strong, the regulatory climate is favorable, and transformation technologies are easier to access,...

Payments Integration: First-Mover Advantage or Last Laugh?
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Kenny Moyer, VP & Director of Operations, Memory Bank, Republic Bank

The race to provide the ultimate person-to-person (P2P) payment service is well on its way. This race is critical to the banking industry as the outcome could have major impacts on how banks do business and earn fees. There are two key questions a...

Responsible AI: The Human-Machine Symbiosis
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Sal Cucchiara, CIO and Head of Wealth Management Technology, Morgan Stanley

Over 20 years ago, a supercomputer beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov at chess. That moment helped plant the seeds for the era of big data in which we live today, and it marked a critical cultural turning point that suggested a machine...

VMware Agility and the Value of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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Tom Parker, CIO, Avalara

How does a rapidly growing software company located on four continents manage its workforce and project management needs effectively and efficiently? With VMware. No one likes to think about the problem of taxes (remember that old saying about...

CFO-plus - Art & Science of Decision Making: The critical 30 seconds!
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Joseph Falcao, CFO, JSI Store Fixtures

“It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong” Abraham Lincoln The business world is changing at a fast pace; genesis of changes can come from anywhere. The changes are not linear, but are driven...

Securing Your Company's Tomorrow By Creating a Strategic Finance Organization
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Inder M. Singh, SVP and CFO, Unisys

In a dynamic, competitive business environment, every company is working hard to gain an advantage in the marketplace. Sometimes that opportunity comes in the form of an innovative new product or simply being in the right place at the right time....

Bitreserve rechristened as Uphold, Introduces Credit and Debit Card Linking for Flexible Transactions
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Uphold, formerly known as Bitreserve, recalibrates its functionalities and offers new products and services in a bid to transform global financial ecosystem catering to several markets spread across the globe. The latest move...

Infosys Offers its Finacle suite on Verizon's Cloud Platform
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FREMONT, CA: Infosys is tying up with Verizon to offer its financial suite of software- Finacle, on Verizon’s cloud platform. The software is targeted mainly at banks and credit unions to enable them to be more agile and flexible. The aim is...

Teespring Partners with Payoneer to Transform the Business World of Entrepreneur Worldwide.
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NEW YORK CITY, NY: Payoneer, an online payment company has been selected by Teespring, an e-commerce firm, to provide platform for global mass payment services.Both shares a common platform of empowering business professional and owners...

Acumatica: Automate Billing, Improve Collections
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Jon Roskill, CEO

Enables mid-tier organizations with cloud ERP and digital transformation strategies

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Charles Phillips, CEO

Enables enterprises to gain holistic view of business performance and offers tools to forecast future activities

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