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Blockchain beyond the Financial World
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The blockchain is marking its presence in different industries, but still majority of them perceives it as something that is limited to the finance sector only, specifically cryptocurrency and ICO. As a result, other advantages or benefits of this...

Faster Payments are Coming but are they?
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Alex Jimenez, Vice President, Sr. Strategist, Zions Bancorporation

Imagine ordering supplies for your business on your mobile device or desktop, immediately receiving an invoice with a “Pay Now” button, with one click paying, and knowing that the same click also authorized your supplier’s...

Unleashing the Power of BI
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Mark Pritchard, CFO, Data-Mail

I’ve been using Microsoft Excel all my career. I’m skilled in advanced modeling which has helped me, as a CFO, present fast insights into a business. These insights have helped save millions of dollars over the years. A year ago,...

Success Lies In Knowing the Needs of the Customer
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Steve Ambrose, CIO, DTE Energy

Technology challenges in meeting enterprise needs Technology is deeply integrated into our company's daily work, and the IT experience affects our customers and our employees. We seek to provide our employees with positive IT experiences so...

Catering Financial Technology for the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid
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Roman Hingorani, CFO, FINCA Microfinance Holding Company

In my long career in banking, I’ve utilized technology to increase efficiency, balance books and more importantly, ensure growth of customer profitability and value for shareholders. In the past year as a leading microfinance bank’s...

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BC Krishna, President & CEO

MineralTree offers the only end-to-end AP automation solution that automates invoice and payment processing

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