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Is the Future of Fintech Digitally Disrupted or Redefined?
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John Finch, CIO, Refinitiv

What are the current market trends you see shaping the Fintech space? This discussion depends on what we mean by Fintech. People often say Fintech and think about the startup, and clearly there is a startup element to this. As we talk about the...

AI in Capital Markets is Unboxing the Essence of Cyber Security
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By threat-proofing capital markets organizations, artificial intelligence will likely be at the forefront of the next wave of cybersecurity tools.    FREMONT, CA: Advances in modern technology have made capital markets cyber...

Combating Cybersecurity Challenges with Simple Steps
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Cybersecurity protects systems from cyber attacks. Since hackers are trying to find new ways to access, change, or delete sensitive information, consumers must be aware of cyber threats and comply with basic cybersecurity principles....
Top 10 Financial Fraud Detection Solution Companies - 2019