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Instilling Efficiency in Financial Institutions
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Effective technology investments are hallmarks of efficient and successful financial institutions. Regulatory, security and customer demands are constantly rising, and only the right information technology solutions can help achieve business...

Role of the CFO Amidst Evolving Technology
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Success in today’s technological economy is determined by the height of creativity C-suite executives deliver to the field where ever it is essential. The CFO’s role is to use various new technologies to help steer the company to...

Building from the Ground Up: Establishing Unclaimed Property Compliance Program
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Joe Lichty, Director of Marketing, Keane Unclaimed Property

Building an unclaimed property compliance program tends to be a responsibility that is often passed from department to department. This transition of responsibilities is usually accompanied by an urgent plea along the lines of, “I’ve...

What Business Leaders Don't Know About their Sales Tax Compliance
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James Paterson, VP and GM of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America, Corporate Indirect Segment

Most IT and tax teams are unsatisfied with their current tax software. Additionally, businesses still underestimate the likelihood and costs of sales and use tax mistakes. Here’s how to address these issues at your company. Business...

New Generation of Travel & Expense at Gonzaga University
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Linda Wilson, Director, Finance System and Services, Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University is a small, private, Jesuit University established in 1887 in Spokane, Washington, that provides an exemplary learning community educating students for lives of leadership and service for the common good. While Gonzaga...

Key Trends in Law Firm Fintech
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Madhav Srinivasan, CFO, Hunton Andrews Kurth

Financial technology is crucial to the smooth functioning of modern law firms. The interplay between finance and technology has always existed, but it has become more complex in recent years. Experience shows CFOs spend a fair proportion of...

How Disruption Leads to Innovation
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Scott Blandford, Chief Digital Officer, TIAA

Financial services organizations are not often viewed as quick thinking or digitally native. They are mostly regarded as steady and unchanging. Too much modernization might “rock the boat,” creating a perception of instability for...

CFOs Will Lead the Next Productivity Boom
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Anne Ozzimo, Senior Director, ERP & EPM Cloud Executive Product Marketing, Oracle

  In early 2018, Dr. Michael Mandel, senior fellow at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the Wharton School, published new research arguing that increased access to emerging technologies delivered in the cloud via the cloud...

Navigating Digital Transformation Challenges in Financial Security
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Brian Hosie, VP of Engineering, Lendio

Digital transformation is more important for banking than any other industry sector, according to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Survey. In today’s connected world, customers expect to be able to manage their money as fast as their network...

Do's and don'ts of Change Management in Financial Systems Initiatives
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Tim Hird, Executive Director, Robert Half Management Resources

This is a dynamic time in the world of financial software, with technological advances creating breakthroughs in how business problems are solved. Cloud platforms and data analytics, for example, provide new tools to work faster, more efficiently...

Fintech Platforms Come to Small Businesses' Rescue
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Financial technology platforms are assisting small companies in all ways possible, may it be delivering advanced accounting software, providing insurance and business valuation services, or even financial management. A survey by Business Insider...

Banks and Fintechs-A Better Value Proposition
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Steve Ellis, Head-Innovation Group, Wells Fargo

Over the last 30 years, the world has become increasingly computerized. We’ve traveled through the discovery and subsequent commercialization of the internet, the birth of and increasing ubiquity of mobile phones, the rise of virtual...

5 FinTech Predictions for 2018
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Safwan Zaheer, Director-Financial Services Digital & Head of FinTech, KPMG US

Bitcoin Value will Trend Upwards Bitcoin value will continue to rise in 2018. The reason may simply lie behind its demand and supply: As long as, Bitcoin DEMAND > Bitcoin Supply,price of Bitcoin will continue to rise! The...

New Alliances Will Drive FinTech Innovation
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Sheri Rhodes, Chief Technology Officer, Western Union

Q. What are your top priorities for 2018 and how is technology transforming a legendary brand like Western Union? My top priorities might surprise people who don’t think of Western Union as a profoundly digital financial technology...

Global Access to Real-Time Data
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Ann Quandt, CFO, Partners In Health

I am writing this as I fly to Lesotho, a small landlocked country in South Africa. Lesotho is a mountainous kingdom with an actual king and actual mountains where there is even skiing during the colder months. The challenge in Lesotho is that it...

Delivering Next Generation Payment Solution to Improve Customer Experience
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Brian M Ziff Levine, Senior Director-Cards & Payments, First Tech Federal Credit Union

The Future of the Payments Experience The best payments experience you can have today is one where the payment itself is entirely invisible. We pay for our Uber simply by getting out of the car; we buy our groceries on Amazon by talking to a...

Growing Pains: Shifting Technology Perspectives
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Enrique Ramos O'Reilly, Regional Director, Temenos

The Evolving Technology Landscape As a supplier of banking technology, one of the trends that has affected our business model is the market shift toward a “pay as you go” type of service. In order to fulfill this expectation, we...

Harnessing the Opportunities in Alternative Finance
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Matt Clark, COO, Corcentric

The financial service industry has experienced major changes in recent years and that pattern doesn’t show signs of stopping. Much of this change is a result of the rise of the alternative finance market, which is proving to be a vital...

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