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Cloud Computing: New-age Mantra for Business
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Zack Bishop, EVP & CIO, Renasant Bank [NASDAQ:RNST]

Is the corporate-owned data center a thing of the past? With every company in the technology space heavily incenting their sales associates for those products that create the most repetitive profit, our ability to find relevant unbiased...

AvidXchange: At the Vanguard of AP Automation
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Michael Praeger, Co-Founder & CEO

AvidXchange brings in a unique way companies pay their bills, giving them the power to reduce processing costs, accelerate approvals, and virtually eliminate paper

Entertainment Partners: Next Generation Production Management
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Mark Goldstein CEO & President

Entertainment Partners (EP) is the globally renowned entity in entertainment payroll, workforce management, residuals, tax incentives, finance, and other integrated production management solutions. Currently, on a mission to digitize the...