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Artificial Intelligence will Transform the Accounting Industry
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the way jobs are perceived. AI will impact the accounting profession as well. Traditionally, accounting is a process and system-based industry where micro decisions are made every day. However, with the use...

Win Big or Bust- Making the Right Bets on Corporate Financial Systems
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Michelle DeBella, Global Head of Internal Audit, Uber

After, spending a few days in Las Vegas, I am reminded how much having the right strategy is critical to one’s success, or even satisfaction, in the casino. Game theory and odds appeal to my left-brain, and who doesn’t love a big win?...

Why Security Professionals in Financial Services are relying on Fewer Technologies and Tools
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Sameer Kishore, VP & Global Head, Banking, Financial Services, Securities & Insurance, Dell Services

Financial services organizations face security attacks three times as frequently as companies in any other industry. Hackers are not only targeting these firms for their money, but also for the wealth of customers’ personal information...

Excel - The Elephant in the Room for CFOs and CAOs
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Fran Burns, Managing Director of SC&H Group’s Oracle-Hyperion EPM and BI Consulting practice

The thirst for business information and data analytics continues to increase at a staggering pace. The way we interact with and access business information is quickly transforming job responsibilities for finance, operations, and technology...

Slice and Dice Large Volumes of Information to Analyze Trends
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Judy Bruner, EVP Administration & CFO, SanDisk Corporation

At SanDisk, we are leveraging technology to improve productivity and decision making, not only within the Finance organization, but across the corporation. As EVP Administration & CFO, our CIO reports to me, and we collaborate closely to...

Quatrro Processing
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Sriram Natarajan, President and COO

Provides fraud prevention for financial instutions by levraging synergic technology solutions and human intelligence
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René Lacerte, CEO & Founder

Offers digital business payments solutions for banks, accounting firms and businesses

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