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Upcoming trends and technological advancements in the Accounts Payable space
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Sandra Clarke,Chief Financial Officer, Blue Shield of California

We have started on a multi-year plan at Blue Shield of California to improve the efficiencies of our accounts payable processes and deliver enhanced service to our business. CFO oversight of Accounts Payable is always a balance of payment...

Blockchain: 8 Reasons That Can Transform Finance and Accounting
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Blockchain has attained a status in the finance sector, that no one believed would be possible. How did blockchain achieve so much and in such less time? FREMONT, CA: Blockchain has transcended from hype to highly valued technology with...

The Path to Digital Leadership in Financial Services: Collaboration with Fintech
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Preet Chhokar, Industry Practice Advisor, Financial Services, Cisco

The financial services industry continues to weather near-constant change, and it is clear a digital storm has touched down. A digital-first movement, to some degree lead by the explosion of fintech companies, is taking hold in mainstream...

Banking on Ohio as a Fintech Leader
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Terry Gore, Director, Financial Services & Fintech

Ohio’s financial services industry reaches people all around the world. The state is home to the fifth largest financial services sector in the country with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies like Huntington, KeyBank, Fifth Third Bank,...

How Recent Tech Developments and Transformations in Fintech have Impacted your Business Environment
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Guillaume Wong-So, Director of Trade & Treasury Solutions – Product Management Americas, BNP Paribas

It innovation is currently having one of its golden ages. Many technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Data Analytics, Robotics, OCR, etc., made significant progress in the last 2 to 5 years, triggering interest in the banking community to try to...

Watch Out for the Five Banking Technology that's Trending
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The banking industry goes on advancing with the latest technologies and as a result, banks have to implement new tools regularly in order to stay competitive. FREMONT, CA: With the advancements of technology in the banking industry, consumers...

Blockchain: Founding the New Financial Era
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Blockchain drives business transformation across various industries, and finance is no exception.    FERMONT, CA: Business officials need to cope with the continual transformation of the digital economy. Blockchain technology...

AI in Capital Markets is Unboxing the Essence of Cyber Security
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By threat-proofing capital markets organizations, artificial intelligence will likely be at the forefront of the next wave of cybersecurity tools.    FREMONT, CA: Advances in modern technology have made capital markets cyber...

Building a FinTech Innovation Hub in the Heart of Connecticut
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Federico Tovar, CFO

An entire campus dedicated to innovation and technology in FinTech is to be built in Connecticut by re-modeling the UConn campus. FREMONT, CA: The story started when Dr Bruno Wu, CEO of Ideanomics, invited West Hartford to his home for a...

Technology-Enabled Processes Driving Better Banking Outcomes
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The wave of banking automation has resulted in a paradigm shift in terms of how client preferences and communication strategies. FREMONT, CA: The world is at the height of a digital revolution and the proliferation of cutting-edge...

4 Tech Trends Creating Banking Revolution
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Emerging technology trends in the banking sector are rapidly set to change traditional banking landscape. FREMONT, CA: Digitization, emerging technologies, and customer-centric offerings are essential priorities for retail banks....

Bitcoin: Designing the Future of Digital Currency
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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are actively under development to secure the financial segment of the digital era. FREMONT, CA: In the past year, bitcoin has become the most secure payment medium which holds the potential of universal...

How Effective is Blockchain against Fraud?
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The incorporation of blockchain will enable organizations to eliminate fraud and introduce security into their transactions. FREMONT, CA – The emergence of new technologies has opened the doors to an ocean of opportunities for...

4 Interesting Digital Banking Trends in Market
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The ease of digital banking, including fast and cashless transactions that comes with technology, pushes the banks to adopt more innovations. FREMONT, CA: The current pace of change in banking will make the future of digital...

Blockchain Capacitating Enterprise ERP Systems
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Blockchain integration into enterprise ERP systems will not only encourage a seamless connectivity but also increase effectiveness of the ERP system communications. FREMONT, CA: The integration of blockchain into ERP systems is expected to...

Digital Financing: Exploring New Possibilities with Blockchain Technology
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Blockchain is opening gates to an entirely cashless world, with secure and safe real-time and instant transaction capabilities. FREMONT, CA: Everything is growing faster and becoming more comfortable day by day, including payment services....

Mainstreaming Blockchain Adoption? Here is a Strategic Guide
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Blockchain technology has all the ingredient for becoming popular. Smart strategies are capable of breaking barriers to mainstreaming its adoption. FREMONT, CA: Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that can prove beneficial in many ways. The...

Is Artificial Intelligence Causing Uproar in the Financial Sector?
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Summary: AI is said to be creating disruption in financial services by transforming the processes of the tasks, being trustworthy in the customer point of view and allowing the executive more leeway by conducting iterative tasks. FREMONT, CA:...

Blockchain and AI: A Perfect Match?
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FREMONT, CA: Blockchain and (AI)Artificial intelligence  are two buzzwords that seem to arouse great interest in the technological community today. Whilst both technologies are considered to be futuristic and cutting-edge, there appears to be...

Strategic Ways for Ad-Based Sectors to Gain On-Time Payments
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  FREMONT, CA: The advertising industry has developed from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. With the invention of online streaming, advertising space is facing massive disruption. The surge in internet content joined...