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AI for Improving Financial Industry
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Advanced analytics today encourage industries to work at a faster pace of innovation. The financial sector is also following the trend to be more innovative in targeting, expanding services, re-configuring delivery channels, and integrating...

Optimizing Your Certifications Process
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Tim Ward, Director of Product Strategy and Marketing, StarCompliance

From prep-work to software, five steps to a more efficient and more effective process Certifications can be intimidating, whether you're the person completing one or the person making sure they get completed. Getting everyone on both sides...

Protecting Transactions from Cyberattacks
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Each action has intended and unintended consequences; the digital revolution has proved to be a double-edged sword. With the penetration of smartphone progressing the financial services, security issues have risen astonishingly. There are some...

The Ethical Use of AI in Hiring and Recruitment
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Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head-AI & Machine Learning, World Economic Forum

Hiring strong talent is critical to the success of any business organization, and even more so in a digitally transforming world where legacy organizations are best able to differentiate themselves and innovate based on the skill profile of their...

Accounts Receivable Processes: Latest Trends
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Every business requires that their payments from customers are received within time, and the goal is to also improve the way the service is delivered. Companies that don’t get paid will not stay too long, and late payments can make it...

Sales and Use Tax Technology Solutions: Compliance Considerations
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Rebecca M. Balinskas, Associate, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Reaching customers virtually anywhere in the world over the Internet has inspired the creation and remove full stop after 'businesses' and make the t of 'That' to lowercase. Fortunately, tax technology solutions may provide support...

The Significance of Performing Daily Accounting Tasks
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Owners of small businesses are often known to focus less on accounting tasks and more on a plethora of other items on their to-do lists. However, paying enough attention to these tasks can help business owners identify and fix various issues...

Tips for Collaborating with Finance on IT Budgets
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Tim Raiswell, MD, CEB

There are two types of budget that are used to manage investments in technology. These are the capital and the operating budgets, sometimes referred to as ‘capex’ and ‘opex’. Many of you seeking funding from your corporate...

Borrowing Base: The Daily Benchmark
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Peter Stone, CFO, The ADS Group

I started my professional career as a staff accountant for a large regional public accounting firm. As time passed, my knowledge expanded and my responsibilities changed with promotions to senior accountant and audit manager. Having worked in...

Blended Business: Balancing Between Third-Party, Self-Built, Self-Hosted, and Cloud Applications
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Tom Berquist, CFO, TIBCO Software

After nearly 30 years in the software industry, I have learned a tremendous amount about how organizations use and manage both third party (purchased) and in-house (self-built) software. There are applications used to grow sales, improve products,...

CFOs: No Longer Mere Corporate Scorekeepers
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L.R. “Skip” Sorenson, CFO, Imagine Communications

Focus on Robust Financial Model I believe the place to start is with a robust financial model or plan. Having a baseline of performance will enable any changes to be considered and a determination  made of the impact to the...

The Collaboration of IT and Finance
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Paul Benedetto, CFO & Co-founder, iTrellis

What have historically been considered “back office” functions, the  last few years have  marked  an  accelerated transition  to  front  and center status for Finance and Information Technology...

Investing In the Growth and Innovation of the Business
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Mary A. Winston, EVP & CFO, Family Dollar Stores

CFOs Playing a Key Role in Driving the Business Forward The CFO and the entire finance team play a significant role in driving the success, growth and increased shareholder value of a company. Today’s CFOs add value by finding a balance...

Is Your Firm Ready for Hyper-Contextual Trading?
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Andrew F. Bach, Chief Architect for the Financial Services Team, Juniper Networks

Fast is good, but smart is better. As profits from high-frequency trading have eroded, capital market firms are shifting their focus to high-intelligence trading. Microseconds, milliseconds and nanoseconds will always matter, but a significant...

Infosys Offers its Finacle suite on Verizon's Cloud Platform
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FREMONT, CA: Infosys is tying up with Verizon to offer its financial suite of software- Finacle, on Verizon’s cloud platform. The software is targeted mainly at banks and credit unions to enable them to be more agile and flexible. The aim is...

BeyondTrust's Solution to Simplify Auditing and Meet Compliance Requirements
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PHOENIX, AZ:  BeyondTrust,a provider of cyber security announces the availability of the BeyondTrust PowerBroker Management Suite 4.0., a solution to simplify auditing and also to meet the compliance requirements. Management Suite 4.0 adds...

Advicent Solutions Announces Latest Version of Naviplan Financial Planning Tool
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FREMONT, CA: Advicent, a technology solutions provider for the financial industry, has announced the latest version of its NaviPlan financial planning tool. The updated features included are progress planning and improved reporting facilities....

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