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TSTC's Future on Technology Cloud Nine
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Andy Kroll, Statewide Department Chair, Cloud Computing, Texas State Technical College (

One of the biggest challenges facing the information technology and education industries today is the speed of innovation. This is mostly attributed to the rise of cloud computing. My experience working in the IT industry and now in higher ed at...

Resilient Oakland Launches Civic Design Lab to Embed Systems Thinking & Agile Government
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Kiran Jain, Chief Resilience Officer, Deputy City Administrator, City of Oakland

Cities around the world are turning to best practices from the technology sector to help address changing needs. “Innovation labs” or “incubators,” or simply a collaborative space for City and community members to focus on...

Transforming an IT Ecosystem at 30 Thousand Feet
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Hilton Sturisky, CIO, Spirit Airlines

Security lines, weather delays, maintenance, turbulence are all travel experiences that conjure up frustrated, anxious feelings. As the CIO of an airline, those headaches can multiply quickly when your customers are relying on your department by...

A Balancing Act: Technology Developments and Operational Efficiency
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Scott Morrison, Chief Product Officer, Ascensus College Savings

For the last several years, fintech companies have waged a crusade into the financial services space, which has traditionally been occupied by larger, more mature players. These nimble new entrants often scare the pants off the old guard firms due...

Looking Forward: 2017 IT Trends
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Ann Neidenbach, CIO, Convergex

As Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Convergex, I have the privilege of having the unique vantage point to both witness the latest IT enhancements/opportunities and to have a seat at the table to analyze and take action on all business-related IT...

VersaPay: The New Standard in AR Automation
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Craig O'Neill, CEO & Director

VersaPayARC is a cloud-based accounts receivable platform, that provides powerful automation for the invoice-to-cash process

TeleBright Software: Gateway to Cost Efficiency
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Chet Thaker, President & CEO

Provides expense management solution for telecom networks across all business sizes