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Simplifying eCommerce to Strengthen Oil and Gas Service Company's Bottom Lines
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Chris Welsh, CEO, OFS Portal LLC

The flow of cash in the oil and gas industry seems quite simple. Take customer sales orders, fulfill orders, deliver orders, generate invoices, and collect payments. But times have changed. As the industry has grown so too has technology....

Building from the Ground Up: Establishing an Unclaimed Property Compliance Program
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Joe Lichty, Director of Marketing, Keane Unclaimed Property

Building an unclaimed property compliance program tends to be a responsibility that is often passed from department to department. This transition of responsibilities is usually accompanied by an urgent plea along the lines...

CFOs Will Lead the Next Productivity Boom
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Anne Ozzimo, Senior Director, ERP & EPM Cloud Executive Product Marketing, Oracle

  In early 2018, Dr. Michael Mandel, senior fellow at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at the Wharton School, published new research arguing that increased access to emerging technologies delivered in the cloud via the cloud...

Business Process Management Helps a Swiss Bank Fight Fraud and Money Laundering, but Still Coddle its International Customers
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Miguel Valdés Faura, CEO, Bonitasoft

When onboarding new clients, financial institutions now must fully verify every new customer’s identity and source of deposits, and retain the data from—and the traceability of—the verification process. New international...

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