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The Ethical Use of AI in Hiring and Recruitment
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Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head-AI & Machine Learning, World Economic Forum

Hiring strong talent is critical to the success of any business organization, and even more so in a digitally transforming world where legacy organizations are best able to differentiate themselves and innovate based on the skill profile of their...

The Significance of Performing Daily Accounting Tasks
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Owners of small businesses are often known to focus less on accounting tasks and more on a plethora of other items on their to-do lists. However, paying enough attention to these tasks can help business owners identify and fix various issues...

How do Data and Analytics-Savvy CFOs Stay Ahead of the Game?
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John Rodgers, COO & Managing Partner, SSA & Company

Digital disruption and the evolving business landscape have significantly changed the C-Suite’s directive. While all executives must understand how to embrace this new landscape, few play a role as critical as the CFO. In addition to...

Acumatica: Automate Billing, Improve Collections
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Jon Roskill, CEO

Enables mid-tier organizations with cloud ERP and digital transformation strategies

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Green Bay, WI

Offers tools to evaluate transactions and for data reconciliation and provides completeness and accuracy in motor fuel tax reporting and filing

Gappify: Automating Accounting Tasks and Advancing a Profession
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Jotham Ty, Founder and CEO

Offers automation software solutions and services for corporate accountants

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