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Brian A. Sullivan, President and CEO, Sullivan & Company CPABrian A. Sullivan, President and CEO
In the wake of COVID-19, more and more businesses found themselves unable to cope with the pandemic-driven disruptions in their operations, which drove many businesses to shut down for good or shift into new lines of business. To successfully manage these new trends, firms started transitioning their operations into newer iterations through mergers and acquisitions as well as newer shareholders. This led to a rise in the demand for business valuation services capable of effectively helping a business position themselves as a good investment to potential partners and investors. However, as most business valuation services only offer a typical valuation report that assesses a business based on its current standing in the market, the final information is often an inaccurate representation of a business’ true potential.

Helping organizations overcome such hurdles with its expertise-driven business valuation offering that focuses on (Key Performance Indicators) KPIs while considering a business’ currentday operations and historical financial data to make an accurate, easy-tounderstand, and defensible report is California-based Sullivan & Company CPA Inc. Moreover, formal business valuations are highly cost-intensive and time-consuming. As an antidote to this problem, Sullivan & Co CPA Inc. has streamlined the process in a more timely process and is reasonably priced. IBIS World reports that 98 percent of business owners do not know how much their business is worth. We believe a business owner in today’s marketplace, must know what is business is worth so that he or she may better out-perform its competitors. We offer an alternative to the traditional valuation firm that focuses on preparing a report that many clients don’t read or understand.

We are professionals who will take the time to do an objective, indepth analysis, and make sure that we have a full understanding of our client business before documenting our findings,” says Brian Sullivan, President and CEO at Sullivan & Co CPA Inc. The company’s business valuation service offers a holistic look at a client’s organizational KPIs and allows them to compare them against industry performance. With this information, the company develops an overall plan to manage these metrics with a mind toward better managing business operations. This enables clients in gaining a deeper insight into how to manage their KPIs in a way that ensures their continuity and enhance cash flow.

Located in San Mateo, Sullivan & Co. CPA Inc. is a full-service, complex tax compliance, financial forensics and business valuation firm. The company is always in lockstep with the changing tax laws and adheres to stringent certain ethical standards and codes of professional conduct established by governmental bodies and peer organizations. Sullivan and Co. CPA Inc. current services suite is built to help clients in inter-family and non-family wealth transfers, forensic accounting, cryptocurrency tax compliance matters, and sale/ purchase negotiations, among others.

Dissecting the complexities of tax law today requires expertise and the ability to plan for ever-changing tax laws, which cannot be mitigated through software implementations alone. Therefore, Sullivan & Company CPA Inc leverages our team expertise in tax laws to deliver individual tax preparation processes with the personalization that software packages can’t,” states Sullivan.

Further discussing the core competencies of its business valuation service, Sullivan mentions how his three-decade experience in the tax laws arena aids him in educating clients on the management of their KPIs and the role it plays in the enhancement of their cash flow and overall valuation. “We leverage our experience to help clients in managing their KPIs in a way that is guaranteed to create value, grow their cash flow, improve long-term market performance, and enhance their overall value,” adds Sullivan. On the other hand, the company assists potential buyers in accurately evaluating their target acquisitions with its service.

  • We leverage our experience to help clients in managing their KPIs in a way that is guaranteed to create value, grow their cash flow, improve long-term market performance, and enhance their overall value

From an organizational standpoint, Sullivan and Co. CPA Inc. is driven by its emphasis on delivering personal service. This is perfectly illustrated in Sullivan’s highly personalized approach to client engagements where he often shares his cell phone contact for customers to use in their hour of need. Concurrently, as a seasoned tax law and business valuation veteran, Sullivan single-handedly manages all customer information and tax processing in a highly validated and secure manner, which helps customers simplify instances of dispute where the internal accountant is unable to testify and showcase the numbers at trial and changes in financials.

Highlighting the impacts of Sullivan & Co. CPA Inc.’s services on a client is a case study where the company helped a customer identify their over-reliance on servicing a single client and how that was impacting their overall valuation. Initially, as a business seeking to accurately valuate their operations, the client approached Sullivan & Co. CPA Inc. Subsequently, once the report was generated, the client identified that due to their concentrated interactions with one large customer, they had a significant backlog in their accounts receivables from the rest of their clientele. After this, the client quickly collaborated with their clientele and received their payments, and started a new and efficient process to track their payment history as a way to prevent such instances in the future. “For small to medium businesses (SMBs) that do not know their value, a high concentration with few customers can pose a big problem; we understand this, and thus, always start our client engagements with a deep-dive into our clients’ payment discrepancies,” explains Sullivan.

Looking ahead, Sullivan & Co. CPA Inc claims to develop more unique valuation reports capable of helping more businesses create value within their organizations by improving specific metrics that are critical in their current and long-term market performance

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Sullivan & Company CPA

Sullivan & Company CPA

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