Sutton Place Strategies Unveils Analytics Platform for Private...

Sutton Place Strategies Unveils Analytics Platform for Private Equity and Merger and Acquisition Professionals

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

NEW YORK, NY: Private equity and merger and acquisition professionals need to have astute information in order to make winning decisions on their deal sourcing process. To that end, having efficient data sources and making value of that data is key. Sutton Place Strategies has now introduced its innovative propriety technology platform that enables professionals in these businesses to make informed decisions. The new platform enables professionals to create their own business development analytics platform according to their business needs.

The firm’s core service is Deal Origination Analytics which is a subscription based service consisting of a customized report package. It is designed to quantify the addressable universe of a client’s transaction target market, measure market penetration, and serve as a road map to increase the effectiveness of a firm’s internal deal sourcing efforts. The platform provides clients with ongoing quarterly updates of their data and reports including targeted deal source contact information along with an annual deal origination benchmark analysis.

The key features of the SPS technology platform include: elimination of the gap between internal and external data for effective deal sourcing; boosting the effectiveness of the deal origination process and a firm’s ability to see and close deals that otherwise might get missed; and improve fund performance by achieving and maintaining top quartile deal origination.

“Our approach is specifically tailored for business development and private equity professionals dedicated to achieving best in class deal sourcing. It is grounded in our own experience as PE business development professionals as well as what we’ve learned from working closely with over 170 clients in optimizing their deal origination,” says Nadim Malik, CEO, SPS.

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