SSN's Encompass Empowers FolioDynamix Wealth Management Technology...

SSN's Encompass Empowers FolioDynamix Wealth Management Technology Platform

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

NEW YORK, NY: FolioDynamix, provider of wealth management technology and advisory services, announces that Securities Service Network (SSN), provider of customer service solutions is expanding its use of FolioDynamix wealth management technology platform, branded at SSN as Encompass.  The new platform, Encompass will include numerous third-party managers vetted by FDx Advisors, the registered investment advisor of FolioDynamix.

FolioDynamix is designed to support wealth management and advisory business- providing a single wealth management technology platform across all accounts, custodians and every stage of portfolio management lifecycle. This will result in enhanced advisor productivity, cost-effective deployment, roll out new advisory programs instantly and improve client relationship with efficient work process.

“Our ability to easily and continuously adapt and expand our program offerings on the FolioDynamix platform was a key factor in our selection of the technology, we have been very pleased with the results we’ve seen from the platform in terms of streamlined processes, the ability for our advisors to manage all accounts from single web interface and the quality of research and manager selection provided by FDx Advisors,” explains Wade Wilkinson, President and CEO of Securities Service Network.

The key capabilities of wealth management technology features, support for all account and program types including, Unified Managed Accounts (UMA), Unified Managed Households (UMH), separately Managed Accounts (SMA), Mutual Fund Wrap accounts (MFW) among the others. It provides functional depth across the full wealth management lifecycle – research, proposal generation, client onboarding, investment model management, trading and rebalancing, performance reporting, operations management and governance; single web-based advisor interface for true unified account monitoring and management; easy-to-use client portal that enables more collaborative advisor-client relationships; End-to-end visibility and a single view across all the accounts with integrated reporting and governance tools for more proactive risk management and compliance.

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