Kyriba Launches 15.0 of Treasury Management Solutions

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Kyriba Launches 15.0 of Treasury Management Solutions

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Treasury ManagementSAN DIEGO, CA: Kyriba Corp, cloud-based Proactive Treasury Management solutions, launches the latest version of their flagship SaaS treasury management solution. with this release, CFOs and global finance leaders can benefit from a range of strategic treasury process improvements.

Jean-Luc Robert, chairman and CEO of Kyriba says, “It enables companies to easily visualize account authorities, so that anomalies can be identified and changes made, without analyzing individual accounts or signatories.”

Kyriba 15.0 is available as a seamless upgrade at no extra cost to clients and the key features of the solution include:

High levels of security and fraud prevention measures that improve visualization of account authorities and integration of bank account and payment workflow controls and prepare the treasury teams for FBAR, eBAM, and internal audit compliance.

Strategic Cash Forecasting that allows CFOs and finance leaders to compare multiple forecast snapshots across any time horizon to measure and document forecast accuracy, enabling treasurers to make confident investing, borrowing, hedging, and working capital decisions.

Secure payments and international formats: that provides advanced payment dashboards to manage the four levels of payment acknowledgement delivered by SWIFT and direct-to-bank channels, along with additional PAIN and CAMT format development for complete global coverage.

Risk management enhancements: for improving depth of risk management solution by offering a new module dedicated to financial transaction accounting.

“Kyriba 15.0 ensures that our clients can measure the accuracy of their forecasts at a detailed level, incorporating full commentary, at whatever frequencies they wish. With this new ability to measure the effectiveness of cash forecasting, treasurers and CFOs now have the confidence they need to make strategic decisions from the cash forecast,” continues Robert.

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