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Accurate Legal Billing Partners with Coyote Analytics to Help Law Firms Streamline Outside Counsel Guidelines Compliance

CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, June 03, 2021

New York - Accurate Legal Billing (ALB) today announced a new integration partnership with Coyote Analytics (Coyote) to deliver their AI-powered (API) time entry cleansing tool. The tool helps law firms comply with outside counsel guidelines, ensures an increase in firm recovery rate, reduces time spent reviewing time entries during pre-bill, and eliminates the need to appeal for reductions and to constantly train timekeepers on new and updated billing guidelines.

This partnership will allow Coyote users, who contract with ALB, to integrate with API while still taking advantage of Coyote’s full suite of practice management tools, including billing and timekeeping, finance and accounting, document management, data analysis, business development opportunities, KPIs, and calendar and contact management. A recent report released by Thomson Reuters Institute, 2020 State of US Small Law Firms identifies getting paid by clients the most common challenge faced by most firms, despite firms spending upwards of 40% of what would otherwise be billable hours on administrative tasks.

Small law firms are consistently challenged when it comes to managing administrative tasks. Of the law firms surveyed, 64% said they spent too much time on administrative tasks, and grappled with finding time to actually “be a lawyer.”

Accurate Legal Billing (ALB) is the world’s first AI powered Time Entry Cleansing platform that intelligently and automatically processes timekeepers’ entries, so they conform to e-billing guidelines allowing law firms to achieve time-entry 100% compliance with client SLAs. Leading to improve billing efficiency and minimize the likelihood that invoices will be reduced or delayed.

Coyote Analytics offers a complete financial software system (time, billing, accounting) as well as a full practice management solution (calendar, docketing, document management, forms, contacts) to assist firms in managing the business of law. Coyote Analytics’ program was built through a collaborative effort with clients. It offers a simple, easy-to-navigate interface, a robust feature set, and great customer service, all at a reasonable price point.

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