Accounting Seed Joins Forces with Former Sage Financials Partners

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Accounting Seed Joins Forces with Former Sage Financials Partners

By CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Columbia, Md. – Accounting Seed brings on four new partners for the EMEA market, many of whom were former implementation partners of the now sunsetted accounting software product, Sage Financials. These partners include Apptituda, EMPAUA, Glic-Tech, and Upper Sigma. All four software implementation specialists are Salesforce certified.

“Our footprint in EMEA is starting to take off and bringing on these four incredibly skilled and knowledgeable partners will be one of the many aspects that sets us above the competition,” said founder and CEO of Accounting Seed, Tony Zorc. “The removal of Sage Financials put a lot of companies, on and off the Salesforce Platform, in a business-critical situation, and we are honored to come alongside these companies in need and offer an accounting solution that is flexible to their needs.”

Experience Where it Counts

Vice President of EMEA Sales, Shane Deacon, and the Accounting Seed team enlisted these four partners for their 20+ years of experience in implementing software solutions. Secondly, they enlisted them for their knowledge of the accounting needs in a variety of regions.

“We’ve been preparing to bring these four partners on board for quite some time now in order to serve our expanding markets effectively and to increase support to those that are coming off of Sage Financials. These partners understand what that transition is going to take on a very intimate level,” said Deacon. “The combination of Accounting Seed and these strong implementation partners brings new possibilities to financial management.”

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