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A Paperless Solution for Finance Management

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

Enrico Palmerino, CEO

Botkeeper assists start-ups and small businesses by automating bookkeeping and accounting through a blend of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and human assistance.

FREMONT, CA: “Our mission is to become the de facto solution that the start-up and small business communities depend on to run their businesses accurately and cost-effectively,” said Botkeeper founder and CEO, Enrico Palmerino. Botkeeper was featured among the Top 10 Accounting Solutions Providers in 2018 by the CFO Tech Outlook magazine. 

Botkeeper, the provider of automated bookkeeping, has announced the launch of its updated Dashboard, allowing clients to have more flexibility and control over their business’ financial data. The Botkeeper Dashboard includes the capability to position and compare data for custom ranges, computerize dashboard exports, and organize new widgets based on business sources.

Botkeeper’s engineers have worked for months on the new updates to set custom SMS and email alerts and create goals for select widgets, in keeping with client requests and feedbacks. The improvements are available for users accessing their Dashboards via desktop or on mobile through the Botkeeper Financial Hub application, available for both iPhones and androids.

“Soon our clients will be able to use Botkeeper’s data analytics to assist with financial forecasting, human resources, financing, and even operational improvements and planning,” says Palmerino.

With Botkeeper’s combination of AI and human assistance, clients receive the best of both worlds—great service and support at an unbelievable price point. Botkeeper software securely accesses financial and non-financial information (e.g., bank, credit card, CRM, web analytics, and accounting software) to make entries on gathered data.  Surveillance and scheduling of revenue and deferred expenses, account payroll, bank accounts, and invoices, are also handled by the software. In addition, skilled Botkeeper accountants continuously review client financials to ensure accuracy, handle complex accounting challenges, and assist with any financial questions that may arise. Botkeeper can become the first bookkeeping solution for new early-stage business and an alternative for mid to large-sized companies, which are looking to extend the life of their QuickBooks Online.

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