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MindStream Analytics: Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making in a Covid World

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Alex Ladd, CEO, MindStream AnalyticsAlex Ladd, CEO
In this post-pandemic environment, it has become essential for businesses to gain timely meaningful insights from their large operational datasets. However, many organizations still struggle to achieve insight into all the data they’ve collected - owing to the challenge aggregating all the data from multiple systems and trapped in excel sheets. This is where MindStream Analytics makes a world of difference. Headquartered in Cheyenne, WY, the leading professional services and managed services provider enables clients to improve business understanding and decision-making by unlocking the true value of business data.“We follow the mantra of smashing the data silos to bring actionable data together so that everybody in an organization remains on the same page and can access the one single version of the truth,” mentions Alex Ladd, CEO, MindStream Analytics.

He goes on to indicate that every client engagement at MindStream Analytics begins with creating a roadmap to help clients better understand the true operational KPIs or the key factors that drive growth – not just vanity metrics that sound good but don’t move the needle on revenue or cost savings.

The company then helps them with the implementation of their selected solution and integrates it with existing IT infrastructure—enabling clients to make more informed decisions. “From there, we go into the AppCare Managed Services,” Ladd adds. It a comprehensive post-go-live management service that provides clients with direct access to product support and software management experts who act as an extension of their team. The experts help businesses maximize the value of their IT organization by solving critical problems and introducing new product capabilities.

In a nutshell, through AppCare Managed Services, MindStream Analytics builds an ongoing relationship with clients by enabling them to navigate through complex situations and new requirements as they grow. This service has also been recognized by Channel Futures while allowing MindStream Analytics to be ranked as the world’s top 501 Managed Services providers.

What sets MindStream Analytics a notch above the rest is its vertical expertise. This allows the company to differentiate the meaningful, actionable data and subsequently save clients from data overload and related complexities. Further, the company never believes in starting from scratch by writing codes for clients; instead, it helps businesses rightly leverage their existing solutions. As a result, MindStream Analytics can quickly complete a project, ensure higher ROI, and build long-term relationships with clients.
  • We follow the mantra of smashing the data silos to bring actionable data together so that everybody in an organization remains on the same page and can access the one single version of the truth

With its comprehensive service, MindStream Analytics has been able to help a plethora of clients address their different challenges pertaining to financial planning, retainingand hiring key employees during the labor shortage, or demand planning during the supply chain disruptions. For example, the company has worked with an oil and gas organization that was struggling due to the unforeseen challenges that the pandemic brought. The client primarily started with the implementation of a financial reporting tool but gradually moved toward the forecasting and planning solution. This invited a huge strategic advantage for them during the trying times by enabling quicker decision-making. The oil and gas organization could acquire other companies and implement the best practices to make them more profitable. Also, the client was able to better tackle its labor challenges by having the right workforce analytics at its fingertips.

Backed by the prowess of many such instances of client success, MindStream Analytics is heading toward a promising future. Going forward, the company’s key focus area is RPA, or Robotic Process Automation. For a long time, this technology has been used to automate routine tasks that were never a great value add for a business. MindStream Analytics is changing this status quo by ensuring a sizable return on investment.

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MindStream Analytics

MindStream Analytics

Cheyenne, WY

Alex Ladd, CEO

MindStream Analytics is a leading consulting firm that helps clients improves business understanding by advising, architecting, and implementing data management solutions. Focusing on the business performance management space, the company offers customers business intelligence and analytic tool selection, predictive modeling development, real-time streaming analytics, EPM/CPM design, and best practices for financial planning. Also, it works with clients to find a solution that improves value and offers better insight into their data.