The Quintessential Technology Source for Corporate Financial Professionals

AccountMate Software Corporation: Customizable Accounting Software

David Dierke, President & CEO,AccountMate Software Corporation

The Collaboration of IT and Finance

Paul Benedetto, CFO & Co-founder, iTrellis

Technology in Utilities

Technology in Utilities

Alberto Ruocco, AEP VP & CIO, American Electric Power

Managing Digital Transformation by IT and Security Teams

Managing Digital Transformation by IT...

Elena Kvochko, CIO-Group Security Function, Barclays

A CFO's Challenge of a Lifetime

A CFO's Challenge of a Lifetime

Ana Chadwick, CFO & COO, GE Capital, Global Legacy Solutions

Gaming Industry Presents Challenges for IT Professionals

Gaming Industry Presents Challenges for...

Dan Wilson, VP-IT, Golden Entertainment Inc.

Auxis: Maximizing the Value of Cloud for Organizations

Auxis: Maximizing the Value of Cloud...

Raul Vega, Founder & CEO,Auxis

CIS Group, an enterprise based on the relation of confidence with its clients

CIS Group, an enterprise based on the...

Joel Desjardins, Strategic Director Mobile Solutions,CIS Group

Circulus: End-to-End Automated Solution for Invoice Processing

Circulus: End-to-End Automated Solution...

Wes Wilkins, Executive VP of Marketing,Circulus