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Solver: Budgeting and Forecasting Made Easier

Matt Felzke, Communications & Event Marketing Manager,Solver

Dynamo Software: A Versatile Investment Management Tool

Dynamo Software: A Versatile Investment...

Krassen Draganov, Co-founder & CEO,Dynamo Software

Duco: Managing Data Intelligently

Duco: Managing Data Intelligently

Christian Nentwich PhD, CEO,Duco

OpenRisk Technologies: Managing Risks through Smart Contracts

OpenRisk Technologies: Managing Risks...

Narasimha Kodihalli, Founder & CEO,OpenRisk Technologies

PARIS Technologies: Simplifying Data-Driven Decision Making

PARIS Technologies: Simplifying...

Duane Presti, CEO & Founder,PARIS Technologies

Digital Matrix Systems: 'Single Source of Truth' for Quality Decision Making

Digital Matrix Systems: 'Single Source of Truth' for Quality Decision Making

David McGough, CEO and President,Digital Matrix Systems

Longview Solutions: The Perfect Partner for Every CFO

Longview Solutions: The Perfect Partner...

Vince Beacom, COO,Longview Solutions

Impact of Digitalization on Performance Management and Financial Reporting

Impact of Digitalization on Performance...

Anton Duvall, CFO, Siemens Building Technologies’ Operations across the Americas Enabling Easy Access to High-Value Data Enabling Easy Access to...

Suria Yang, Founder & CEO,